How Your Definition Of Entrepreneur Can Limit Your Success

The word entrepreneur is used so often in so many different contexts these days that pinning it down is virtually impossible.  Everyone has their own definition, and the one you adopt—or unconsciously accept—can determine your aspirations, dictate your behavior, and in some instances cause you to underperform or fail outright. It’s a classic self-fulfilling prophecy—you’re likely to get […]

College Is No Longer The Path To Success: New Study Shows That College And High School Graduates Earn About The Same

An alarming—yet illuminating—new study conducted by Third Way, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, concludes that college graduates only earn the equivalent salary of high graduates. Contrary to popular opinion, which contends that the path to success is rooted in attaining a college education, the frightening findings indicate that half of U.S. colleges in 2018 churned […]

How Much Does Academic Achievement Truly Help In Measuring Success – Jiji Vijayan

Competition is the key today, in a world where hard work and practice beat talent. It is no wonder then, that the same approach is taken towards academics as well. Schools and parents all over, seek high academic performances from students, and use the same to measure students’ success. Indian education system is infamous for […]