5 Mindset Blocks That Stop You From Learning From Your Mistakes

Illustration: Getty Images Way back in 2014 I wrote about a growing movement among entrepreneurs. In 42 cities across the world founders would meet for “F***Up Nights,” which are just what they sound like — an opportunity for those on the difficult path of starting a business to share their biggest flops and failures. Since that story, […]

20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are – Brianna Wiest

Take a deep breath. You’re doing amazing and if you doubt that just read these positive self affirmations to boost your esteem. You doubt your life. You feel miserable some days. This means you’re still open to growth. This means you can be objective and self-aware. The best people go home at the end of […]

To Be a Better Salesperson, Master Your Ego and Bend Time – David Meltzer

In the early ’90s, my first job out of law school had me selling legal research at Westlaw, where I was trained by Mike Bosworth, a solutions selling expert. He taught me that a good salesperson needs to have two important characteristics: empathy and ego. I believe that this approach is outdated, as ego and […]