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How MailEngine Cracks Open The Inboxing Code & Makes This a Successful Autoresponder Tool

Email clients like GMail, Yahoo etc have quite sophisticated algorithms to work with incoming mails. One of the primary signals for them is the mail volume. How much email did they receive of a certain type, and how did the receivers react to it. Based on the recipient response the emails are classified and put in either Inbox, Updates or Promotions.

MailEngine makes Gmail think that every email that you send is unique (not a marketing email). You get more opens and clicks thanks to MailEngine’s “Uniquifier” technology. Designed by experts who have years of experience in email marketing and have struggled with every single problem that you face in Email marketing today.

We integrate the official APIs from Gmail and GSuite and you can send your marketing emails legitimately using your Gmail accounts for maximum inboxing. Limits, 500 a day per account for Gmail , 2,000 a day per account for GSuite. MailEngine can spin the content in the subject line and the body to make each email that goes out a unique email too.

MailEngine’s inbuilt forms system can be embedded on any website. You can put it on your squeeze pages and convert your traffic into leads that go right into MailEngine and lets you import and export lists without any restrictions. You can import any CSV file and have your mail marketing running in minutes.




10 Recommendations for Creating Best Welcome E-mails – Pj Germain


On the Internet, there are loads of welcome email examples that might inspire you. Yet, you need to learn the basic tips on how to create effective messages by using welcome email templates.

Recommendations for creating best welcome emails

You, certainly, know that welcome emails, aka onboarding ones, are the first messages customers receive from a company. So, they are meant to comfort and welcome your new subscribers.

1. Apply a descriptive subject line

Definitely, after opening your email, customers are likely to recognize who you are. Yet, you need to let them know it from the very beginning.

Make sure your sender’s name is correct, and the subject line is not selling, don’t scare the customers away.

Email Marketing Recommendations

This subject line is pretty descriptive. For example, Nike and Adidas use “You’re in”. Certainly, you may use something like “Welcome”.

In this case, your email’s content should correspond to the subject line.

Email Subscription Confirmation

2. Share the story of your brand

Why not share your brand story like Tiffany does? Most people would love to find out that not only is your company popular now, but also has been on stage for quite a long time. The more customers know about your history, the more they’ll like your brand.

Email Marketing - Branding

3. Ask subscribers to set preferences

When giving consent to receiving newsletters from you, people hope to get only useful and relevant information. Gentlemen might not like to receive emails with female clothes and flicky-chicky movies, especially if they are single. Let subscribers set the preferences before you send your first email to them.

Email Preferences

4. Shed light on your products

Of course, once people got registered with your website, they are likely to be familiar with your products or with your company. But what if they aren’t? Help subscribers get familiar with your most popular items fast.

Or why not recommend them something to start with as you know your products better?

Take a look at a perfect example of welcome emails by Skillshare:

Perfect Welcome Email

5. Teach how to use your products

If you sell garments, there is no need to explain how to use those. But if you sell some apps or online tools, make subscribers a favor — show them how to use your apps.

Products - Email Marketing

6. Offer treats

Certainly, we all register and subscribe to blogs and newsletters by fashion industry companies in order to hear about the latest news and trends. But who said we would reject some discounts?

This simple trick may convert passive subscribers into active users. Try this out and watch your Google Analytics reports.

You need to explain to newly subscribed people how to use the offered coupon.

This simple recommendation will help you get the customers while they are hot and interested in your brand. Don’t make them wait for future promo emails.

7. Describe the advantages of using your products

There is no doubt that a great service a valuable treat. Explain to prospects why they can trust you and why they should choose your company among thousands of others.

Prospects - Email Marketing

8. Set expectations

How many emails are you going to send? What will they be about? You definitely need to let your customers know about it beforehand. This will prevent them from being irritated, will prevent you from being reported spam (yes, recipients often do when they are annoyed), and will probably make them wait for your newsletters with anticipation.

Email Newsletter

Note: if you run through your inbox you will notice that many welcome emails start with “You’re gonna be the first to….”? It’s become a commonly used phrase, we think you might avoid using this one. Create your own catchy one.

9. Let the newcomers follow you on social networks

Many of new clients would like to follow you on social to stay tuned. Give them this opportunity.

Yes, certainly, you include these links to all of your emails, yet as long as this message is a greeting one and you are only introducing your company, why not make these social network icons big and noticeable?

Email and Social Media

10. Provide new customers with testimonials

Make sure you share only real feedbacks, given by real people with active accounts on social networks. Yes, many people would check even that kind of information.


Subscription confirmation emails

This type of emails should be mentioned here yet it is not a welcome message. Subscription confirmation emails proceed the welcome ones.

1. Use double opt-in

Double opt-in prevents you from sending unsolicited newsletters because you make people accept your privacy policy, and make them give you their consent to receiving emails. Also, by using this method of registration, you ask the potential customers to check their email address… and double-checking will also help you avoid blacklists.

Double Opt-in

Note: from May 28 2018, you are not allowed to use single opt-in registration according to EU GDPR rules.

2. Send confirmation emails in a timely manner

No time wasting allowed here. Make sure you send these emails the very moment a person entered his or her email and clicked the “subscribe’ button.

Confirmation Emails

What is special about this example? The Krrb company is probably the only one that lets its customers edit email address or enter a new one.


  1. Use double opt-in, stick to the EU GDPR rules even if you are not an EU citizen.
  2. Send email address confirmation messages on time.
  3. Use creative yet simple subject lines.
  4. Keep your welcome email short and informative.
  5. Don’t use all these tips in one email as it may become too long and nobody will read it to the end.
  6. Stay on-brand — apply a logo, corporate colors, and standard email elements, like a footer.
  7. Yet email design should be simple, as it is reasonable to focus on text.

Subscription confirmation and welcome emails are the first messages your customers see. Thus, they build first impression about your company.

Get inspired by the welcome email examples above. And by using Stripo email, create emails your customers will truly like.

It depends on you only what subscribers will think about your brand.



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