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How MailEngine Cracks Open The Inboxing Code & Makes This a Successful Autoresponder Tool

Email clients like GMail, Yahoo etc have quite sophisticated algorithms to work with incoming mails. One of the primary signals for them is the mail volume. How much email did they receive of a certain type, and how did the receivers react to it. Based…


Email Click Magnet v2.0 – How To Create A Custome Animated & Loaded Video Buffer Into An Email Marketing Process

As you can see, the results are fantastic! It’s like having REAL VIDEO in your emails…A real snippet of video, with pre-loader and video playback and buffer bar mockup. Promote click-throughs with text instructions layered on top of the video. Looping Video EMAIL CLICK…

Email Click Magnet v2.0

An amazing software that lets you add or load a live animation or video right inside your email and make your email marketing campaign more converting and appealing to the target audiences. With Email Click Magnet 2.0, It is quite easy to create and…

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