Email Marketing Excellence


Inside This Step-By-Step Guide To Success With Email Marketing, You’ll Discover4,300 reasons why you should be using email to market… (This will shock you!), Why email marketing is even better than marketing with Facebook and driving traffic with SEO, How to use email to get in front of your customers 24 hours per day, The right way to structure your first email marketing campaign, and how to start making a profit right from the get-go… even if you’ve never seen success with email before, Why you need an autoresponder to get the best results, the top 3 options that provide the best quality autoresponder service, and a chart that compares the prices of all 3… (You can get started with 2 of them for $1 or less!),The importance of a list and how to start getting targeted subscribers as soon as today,Why sometimes having a small, targeted list can make you MORE money than a massive list,Why making it easy for people to unsubscribe is not only compliant with the law, but how it can put more money into your pocket, The top 3 traffic sources for building a targeted email list quickly, and which method you should be focusing on in the beginning, People don’t just give you their email address for no reason… How to ethically bribe people to hand over their email address so you can sell to them over and over again, Building a list is just part of it… How to engage your subscribers and make them raving fans that are EXCITED to get emails from you and ultimately BUY, Why you don’t need to write super long emails and why sometimes shorter converts much better, The often-asked question of “how often should I email my list” is answered, The words you should NEVER include in your emails to get past the SPAM filters and get the highest delivery rate possible




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