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10 Small Business Apps, Services And Tech Platforms Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

GETTY If you want to know the best place to keep up with technology for your business, follow my weekly tech roundups for entrepreneurs each week. You’ll learn because I’m always learning. So what have I learned? Businesses that invest in the right technologies are assuring future growth…


He Sold His First Business To Google And Just Raised $120 Million For His Next Startup

Ray Reddy has raised millions of dollars in startup funds, sold a company to Google and is taking on the local business gauntlet in an innovative new way. Yet, he chose to exit Google and Silicon Valley to launch his latest venture. In his…

An Entrepreneur’s Framework For Gaining Mental Clarity In Stressful Situations – Chris Myers

Anyone can survive the short-term fear of a roller coaster. Not everyone can endure the stress of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship isn’t like a ride or a game, where there is a finite ending to the experience. The stress and fear of entrepreneurship is pervasive, persistent,…

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