Why The Super Rich Love Understated Dressing

(Image credit: HBO) Quiet “stealth-luxe” fashion is dominating runways and TV screens – but why now? Clare Thorp explores the low-key, under-the-radar world of stealth wealth. If you’re trying to blend in among the super-rich, carrying a handbag worth $3,000 might seem like a plausible way to do it. But, as the first episode of […]

How The Danish Fashion House Nynne Is Creating The ‘Power Dress’ For Women

There is drama to be had when getting dressed in a Nynne design. Copenhagen Fashion Week has made the drama of Scandinavian design come to life over the years and Nynne is elevating the “Scandi Girl” style of dress. Spring-Summer 2021 is a back-to-basics display of the eponymous brand, returning to the minimalistic design heightened with an expressive amount […]