Discover The Most Coveted & POWERFUL Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies of Top eCom & FB Marketers

Targeting Academy will show you how to avoid targeting the WRONG interests and go DIRECTLY to the REAL BUYERS that are hungry for EXACTLY what you are selling. You’ll discover how to target your Facebook ads the CORRECT way instantly putting your products directly in front of MILLIONS of the perfect buyers anytime you want without wasting time, losing money or guess work.

There’s literally nothing like this available on the market today, and when i say nothing, i really mean NOTHING! This is because NO BIG PLAYER out there is willing to share these exclusive ad targeting “secrets” you need in order to continually create 5-figure incomes with single Fb ad campaigns over and over again.

Knowing WHO and HOW to target in your ads is absolutely CRUCIAL to make lots of money with FB ads. It’s the difference between you and all the successful top FB advertisers out there. Targeting Academy combines all the important information with in-depth targeting strategies and methods. Every type of product and niche is covered.



The Campaign Maker


Multiply the power of your marketing team by letting The Campaign Maker optimize all of your Facebook ad needs in one easy to use web based platform.As soon as you add just one interest, the campaign maker will generate interests related to exactly what you need. Then you can easily split test between as many interests as you need.

Our automated split tester will at blazing fast speed split test your ads and targeting for you, saving you hours and giving the pin point accuracy your campaign needs.The Campaign Maker is built around creating pin point targeting for your campaigns, with the ability to split test all the major aspects.

Every experienced FB marketer knows the massive benefit of custom audiences and with the campaign maker you now have the power to split test each one seamlessly.We made your account dashboard extremely simple and minimalistic, focusing on only the important points that can make or break your campaign.

Within your account dashboard you have the ability to easily change your daily budget and quickly activate or deactivate your campaign, adset or even ad.The best part of finally making the ultimate campaign is the satisfaction of finally scaling it to maximize your ROI. We made this very easy for you.




FB Pixel Pro


Have you ever heard of re-targeting? Large companies like Coca Cola Use it and now you can too, and it costs less than you think.With industry estimates reporting that less than 2% of web traffic make a purchase, complete a form or sign up for a product or service when on your site, marketing to those other 98% has been lost in the weeds.

With re-targeting, you can display ads to the 98% who leave without buying and keep your product in front of them until they’re ready to convert.Let’s take a look at these two different groups of visitors and see how they interact with your website.

You, the marketer or business owner, generate or buy traffic and direct it to your website or through an affiliate link. The objective is to have that user complete an action, make a purchase, complete a form or sign up for a product.

Visitor #1: Those Who Convert:

As this visitor browses your site, they love what they see and instantly become interested in purchasing, signing up or completing a form.This visitor is part of the 2% of your web traffic that will, on average, convert when on your site.This visitor is now a customer and will go into your customer retention funnel.

Visitor #2: Those Who Bounce:

As this visitor is browsing your site, they look at a few pages and then “bounce” or leave your website without purchasing, signing up to your list or completing a form.This can be for any number of reasons. Perhaps they received a phone call, were distracted by the kids, wanted to read reviews or perform price comparisons, etc. In any event, they leave your website and don’t return.This visitor is part of the 98% of your traffic, that will leave your website without completing an action.This visitor is still interested in the products or services you offer, but just wasn’t ready to buy.

What Are The Benefits Of Re-Targeting?

With a well-defined marketing plan, communication with your potential or current customers doesn’t end when they leave your site. Close the sale with a promotion: offer an exclusive promotion to visitors who bounced from your site. Because this won’t be available to the general public, you can offer deeper discounts to these visitors.

Promote similar products and services: perhaps the product or service your visitor looked at wasn’t right for them. With re-targeting, you can feature similar products or services they may not have found while on your site, but could have been looking for.



Dark Post Engine


Dark Post Engine is a powerful 2-in-1 cloud-based software that solves two major problems that many Facebook advertisers are encountering. After teaching thousands of students on Facebook Ads, we’ve discovered that almost everyone advertising on Facebook is either leaving a ton of money on the table or they could never make their ads work.

And the one thing that’s sabotaging your success on Facebook are…YOUR ADS.Dark Post Engine extracts and archives the exact ad and landing page your competitors are using.You can see exactly their copy, their image and even the URL that they’ve used so you can simply know is working in your niche without doing any guesswork.

With your copy of Dark Post Engine, we are going to provide you with an extensive Dark Post Engine Mastery Training, teaching you how to utilize Dark Post Engine to help increase your probability of success. We normally change thousands of dollars just to consult for Facebook advertising but today, with your copy of Dark Post Engine and presenting  you our extensive training for free.


Many advertisers on Facebook are blaming that Facebook Ads don’t work, but the truth is, it’s your message that is not resonating with your targeted audience. With Dark Post Engine, you can now see and sort any Facebook Page’s posts from the highest engagement to the lowest engagement. Best part, it looks back 180 days so you know exactly what message your audiences are in love with.







With Adfinder you will find ALL your competitors ads on Facebook… Even the dark posts. Nothing can hide from Adfinder. Adfinder is a really sweet product with broad market appeal if marketed appropriately.

It will find anything being sold and marketed on Facebook, quick and fast.Adfinder is desktop software that automatically performs incredibly detailed keyword searches to find every ad on Facebook. It finds the ads running right now. It finds the ads that ran last year. And everything in between.

Marketers have taken steps to stop you from spying on them. They cloak their links, they hide their campaigns from Google and other discovery sites.But there’s one place they can’t hide: Facebook

Adfinder will find every shirt, every piece of jewelry, every webinar and every info product for sale on Facebook.If you’re really devious, it will even find your friends campaigns so you can see what they’re up to.

If you could just be a fly on the wall when the top marketer’s are selling t-shirts, jewelry, webinars and anything else, then you could simply duplicate it and find success.

If you could only see their Facebook ads you could…See exactly what they’re selling and get ideas for your own products,See their ad creative’s and know how they get high click thru rates,See what their headlines and copy say to their audience to make them click and you could follow their ads right to their landing pages and down into their entire funnel.



You will find the following benefits in Premier Facebook Competitive Research Tool:

  • Quickly perform super detailed keyword and domain searches on any term
  • Search for your friends posts, likes and shares (spy on your friends)
  • Narrow searches by date and type
  • Opens results in your default browser (Not a Chrome extension)
  • Open multiple searches in new tabs
  • Always stays on top, no disappearing each time your browser opens
  • Stand-Alone Windows or Mac application
  • Licensed product to prevent sharing and group buys
  • $37 for 2 licenses



Adsviser PRO


With Adviser Pro you can create a database with 250K top performing ads based on  universally proven formulas… … so you can just dive in, modify and use ads to create winning ads straight out the gate, faster than ever before.

With over 250K ADS stored in the database you’re getting access to all kinds of profitable campaigns. From $10,000 per month “firecrackers…” to million dollar per year VOLCANOS.

You’ll even get a rare peek inside multi-million dollar advertisers, including Ford, Groupon, Amazon, Buzzfeed, New York Times, Virgin America, Uber, Udemy and many more. These companies spend millions to figure out what works on Facebook… and now you can swoop in and steal their secret.

From Images, Countries and Presales. Save up to 50% of your budget through campaign optimization. Get accurate and clear data on what’s driving likes, shares and comments. Discover new ways to engage with your audience, increase participation and refine ad campaigns based on demographics, including Gender, Country and Age.


Adviser gives your customers a very broad view of the market and niches, so that they wouldn’t miss the best hot niches and can easily replicate other profitable ad campaigns for their TeeSpring campaigns, Shopify campaigns or for any niche traffic.