Social Interest Freak Light – The First Facebook Behaviors, Demographics and Advanced Targeting App

Suppose you run a Teespring campaign for a T-shirt targeted to people who love both baseball and beer. Social Interest Freak allows you to unlock Facebook’s audience intersection technology so you can get a precise audience of people who like both baseball and beer. This will result in higher CTR and ROI because the audience is so targeted.
Well dream no more, guys and gals – Social Interest Freak is the dream that has become reality. The playing field is now level and you can even beat the big boys at their own game! But intersection and exclusion targeting are just the beginning. Social Interest Freak also unlocks even more advanced targeting options to really drill down your audience.
Powerful behaviors including people who’ve made a purchase in the past, Demographics including education level, school, job title, employer, Extremely handy way to get a rough idea of your target audience size, Works with any combination of interests, behaviors, demographics and advanced options.


The Campaign Maker


Multiply the power of your marketing team by letting The Campaign Maker optimize all of your Facebook ad needs in one easy to use web based platform.As soon as you add just one interest, the campaign maker will generate interests related to exactly what you need. Then you can easily split test between as many interests as you need.

Our automated split tester will at blazing fast speed split test your ads and targeting for you, saving you hours and giving the pin point accuracy your campaign needs.The Campaign Maker is built around creating pin point targeting for your campaigns, with the ability to split test all the major aspects.

Every experienced FB marketer knows the massive benefit of custom audiences and with the campaign maker you now have the power to split test each one seamlessly.We made your account dashboard extremely simple and minimalistic, focusing on only the important points that can make or break your campaign.

Within your account dashboard you have the ability to easily change your daily budget and quickly activate or deactivate your campaign, adset or even ad.The best part of finally making the ultimate campaign is the satisfaction of finally scaling it to maximize your ROI. We made this very easy for you.




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