Triple Traffic Bots PRO – 3 In 1 Automated Traffic Triple Threat System

We’re about to show you how to duplicate what top companies & marketers do to make UNFAIR profits in the shortest possible time.  COPY the exact strategies used by TOP-EARNING online marketers like Frank Kern, Russell Brunson & Tai Lopez. Use Them To Effortlessly Run A PROFITABLE Business With ZERO Start-Up Costs! We weren’t even sure if these free tools would work.

Triple Traffic Bots combines a unique profit method with cutting-edge tools you can access for FREE – to make consistent income WITHOUT upfront costs. Build TWO types of lists at the exact same time. INSTANTLY monetize new subscribers so you get PAID to build your list. Leverage multiple traffic & messaging platforms to maximize ongoing profits.
Unique Traffic Triple Traffic Bots Method
Step-by-step video training covers traffic, lead generation and ONGOING profits
Instant Monetization
This brand new method lets you profit from new leads the moment they subscribe
Unlimited Scaling
Once you’re in profit, it’s SIMPLE to scale this method with paid ads for PREDICTABLE profits

Generate Profits
Your campaigns run on itself to
constantly generate fresh leads & commissions



Viral Autobots (Bumblebee Edition) – How To Automate Your Facebook Landing Pages In Minutes


Facebook defends controversial ‘research’ app — INKLING LEAGUE

The world’s biggest social network is in hot water over privacy rights yet again, with another controversy involving user data revealed this week. Facebook revealing they’ve been using an app, called “Facebook Research,” to track the behavior of its users, many teenagers. The app was a voluntary download, with users 13-to-35 receiving compensation in exchange […]

via Facebook defends controversial ‘research’ app — INKLING LEAGUE

FB Audience Toolkit – How To Build A Highly Targeted Audience On Facebook Without Wasting Your Time 100% FREE

Simple Social Tools Audience Toolkit was designed to model and automate normal social human activity, nothing more and nothing less. Unlike other tools that focus on unnatural behavior patterns that can easily be flagged or potentially harm your account. Not only does Simple Social Tools save you time, but it also saves you energy and money. Think about this for just a moment. Do you really want to spend countless hours performing mundane task that are essential to build your audience, influence and engagement on Social Media or would you rather click a few buttons. It’s your time to FINALLY WIN on social media and dominate your social media presence with Simple Social Tools today……………

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You already took a big step toward more sales by adding FanContact to your marketing mix, but the more ways you can get attention of people on Facebook, and the more ways you can build an email list, the better your results could be.

You will be able to get subscribers not only from posts of Facebook itself but from anywhere on other social media: your blog, website, and even ecommerce store, as long as the user has a Facebook account and accepts your app invitation.

In other words Notimail module allows you to collect both Facebook notification and email subscribers, so you will not only get massive promotion boost from Facebook notifications, but you will also be able to build email list on top of it.

And think about it, the first thing the user does on Facebook is to check notifications by clicking on globe icon at top of page, and this is exactly where you will be able to post messages. Facebook notifications can include image, text, and link to which the user is redirected after click.

Contact Segmenter allows you to both include and exclude segments for sending messages so you can send message only to that part of the list you want to.Ability to send promotions to targeted subscribers not only maximizes sales conversions by delivering only most relevant messages, but also significantly reduces number of people unsubscribing by not bombarding them with promotions for the products they already purchased or have no interest of.

What Smart Contact Adder does is crunch through all of your pages to discover all the posts, then mill through all those post to find all the comments, then parse every comment to get everybody who commented, then tediously find out which of commenters are not on your list yet, and then send a welcome message just once and only to those who are not on your list yet.

After that software taxing process, your new contacts are there ready for you to import and promote to. So it takes only a few clicks for you to get all these new subscribers.


If you are a vendor it means that you will be able to send special promotions to prospects who did not purchased a product yet, send different messages depending on which step in your sales funnel customer is on, and cross-sell similar products to those already purchased by the customers.

If you are an affiliate you will be able to send different messages to those who visited your landing page, to those who did not visit it yet, and be able to promote vendor upsell directly to those who already purchased the main product.

Watch FanContact in Action:


Shot Messenger


Create Facebook Messenger List [Like Email list] of Subscribers from your fan pages, websites, or even offline. Send Bulk Messages to All these Subscribers in 1 Click Imaging Sending a Personal Message to All Engaged fans of Your Facebook page in 1 Click.

Send them Page Updates, Product Updates, discount Coupons etc in minute if seconds right inside their Facebook messenger, Create a Welcome Message, canned responses etc, Create Smart Sequence Engagement Bot to Auto-Interact with your Prospects and Fans.

Auto Comment on Posts based on Specific Keywords or phrases either in Public or Private, Auto Reply to Personal Messages based on Specific Keywords or Phrases, Auto Delete Comments with Negative keywords and Reach your 1000’s of connected fans over and over again in just click of a button.

Facebook opened up their Subscription API’s for developers recently and Shot Messenger is one of the first tools to be using those features. FB Messenger is the World’s Biggest and Fastest Growing Messaging Service and it’s already crushing Emails and others in terms of Sending out Traffic.

Using FB Messenger Bulk Automation Service, you’ll get 100% Guaranteed Open Rates every Single Tim. You can build your brand and authority almost instantly and direct your audience with links to your offers resulting in Profits.


It allows you to:

# Send Traffic to your Unlimited Websites

# Send Discount Coupons or Promo Deals to all your Subscribers

# Send High Class Rich Media Messages to show you in Extreme League above your Competition

# Healthy Customer Relationship by being just one Step Away from all of them

# Increase Overall Viewership, Engagement & Exposure

# Increase the Good Standing of your Facebook account by sending out Quick Replies



The Lifetime Access accounts are available at Low One Time Price. So don’t take keep thinking for a decision, which is actually a No Brainer. In just ONE case study, one of the product user got over 788 Subscribers in less than 24 Hours and made over 1200 Bucks in Single Day.



FanBoom Pro


FanBoom 3.0 is the top quality Facebook advertising and marketing method that enables entrepreneurs and internet marketers to develop customized Facebook pages that impress to very much more fans, get more engagement and also produce more product sales in comparison to before.
FanBoom 3.0 is a premium promotion solution for companies who need a simple technique to make the best FaceBook pages. It is an All-In-One application self-hosted on FACEBOOK which means you do not need to carry out anything more than discover the program you want and start get traffic as well as potential buyers to your web site and the biggest FACEBOOK specialists in the world are raving over how great this is.
FanBoom Pro Edition is powerful page creator that offers unlimited options to your Facebook page style and design. Powered by the good Builder templates from Fanboom fanpage creator is the most effective.FanBoom 3.0 has been specifically developed to enable you to bring in more leads through Facebook and to help you convert these leads into excellent customers.
We’ve added 20 stunning brand new fully mobile reponsive themes to make sure your customers’ campaigns look great, and – more importantly – convert like crazy!  Plus, we’ve updated 20 of the most popular themes to be reponsive too




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