FB Friend Sweeper



Sweep out the dead weight, ya know the friends within mere seconds, that would have taken you hours in the past…… until now.

Time is money, and you should be engaging in income producing activities, not wasting time manually removing friends.The truth is that many people that wanted to friend you were just trying to exploit Facebook™ to grow an audience, and this hurts you because they’re not engaging with you.

Our software gets rid of those people to help increase your engagement and effectiveness.with the data that Friend Sweeper provides, you’ll know ALL of that information within seconds, for your entire friends list!

This means you keep friends that will buy from you, and remove friends that will never buy from you.


Easily Skyrocket Engagement On Your Posts, And Sales On ANY Product

Engagement on your posts is critical.If you’re not getting above 10% of your friends to even click “like” on a post, that’s not a good sign at all.

It means they’re shutting you out completely or not committed enough to even make the slightest interaction.

Every marketer knows that there IS a correlation between people who “Like” and comment on your posts and who is likely to join your opportunity or buy your products and services.

Most people don’t click “Like” unless they have a genuine reason to.That’s why when you get your hands on the real data on who is engaging on your posts, you’ll effortlessly sort out action takers from tire kickers and looki loos. In other words, you’ll be selling more products with less effort.

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