Monetize Your Closet With New Peer-To-Peer Fashion Marketplace, Wardrobe

The millennial consumer psyche has changed the way we think about fashion and how we shop. Is it instantly gratifying, convenient, and am I getting the most out of my purchase? Is this product sustainable? Can I test-drive before buying, or rent without having to buy at all? Newly launched mobile app, Wardrobe appeals to these behaviors by offering a digital platform that allows users to both monetize items in their own closet that might not get a ton of play, or rent product from peers in the same space: a new approach to the sharing economy in the world of fashion……….

Source: Monetize Your Closet With New Peer-To-Peer Fashion Marketplace, Wardrobe


Why 95.8% of Female Newscasters Have the Same Hair – Torey Van Oot


Esther Katro was 22 when she landed her first job as a reporter at a local TV station in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The recent graduate loved the thrill of breaking news and being on air. But when she was out chasing stories in the college town, people kept mistaking her for a student. She went to her news director for advice, and his response had nothing to do with developing her fledgling reporting skills. “He was like, ‘You have to cut your hair to look older,’” she recalled…..

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