FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide

In February 2014 I launched a new blog (not in the internet marketing niche) with aspirations to publish a high-traffic, highly profitable niche blog (a.k.a. authority niche site) within months.  I had a game plan in place.  I pulled the trigger, executed the game plan, made tweaks and changes along the way.

It worked like gangbusters.  It keeps on growing.  The best part is much of it is now run by a team I hired.

My niche site was successful very, very quickly.  Here’s what it achieved in 8 months:

  • 1.1 million MONTHLY page views (all traffic sources);
  • 3,200 to 5,000 daily ORGANIC search visitors (without building a single backlink other than social media links);
  • $45,000 profit by September 2014 (8 months after launch);
  • 70,000+ Facebook Fans;
  • 12,000+ email subscribers.

My Formula For MASSIVE Blog Growth so Quickly Is:
  • Create viral content over and over and over.
  • Harness multiple sources of traffic (instead of relying on just organic search traffic).
  • Generate consistent and high revenue from growing website traffic.
  • Most important: Quickly scaling up both viral content production and traffic.
  • Publish unique, quality content (and lots of it) for consistent organic search traffic growth (no link building).


This Course Steps You Through Everything You Need to Know to Plan, Launch, Get Traffic and Monetize… FAST!

Section 1: The Big Picture

Quickly steps you through the big picture concept of launching and building an authority site quickly.

Section 2: Niche Selection

This model works in many niches, but not all niches.  This course reveals niche selection criteria.

Section 3: Website Set-Up

How your site is set up is important for content formatting and monetization.  The course reveals exactly how I set up my niche sites.

Section 4: Content Creation

In 2014 I took a different approach to content… content people LOVE and share.  I reveal how I create content and where I get it.  This is a very important component to building up serious traffic quickly.

Section 5: Monetization

I step you through exactly how I use display ads and affiliate offers for optimum monetization.  Nothing held back here… based on real results (and 8 months of constant testing).

Section 6: Buying Traffic

For serious traffic and profits, your site needs a nudge.  This is where buying traffic comes to play.  Yes, you’ll need a small budget for paid ads.  This guide steps you through exactly how I kick-start traffic growth with paid ads (and profit from it immediately).

PLUS:  Video Training Includes the Following:
  • How to Install WordPress and Set Up the Blog (Basic Videos).
  • In-Depth 35 Minute Video Combing Through a Replica Demo Site I Created Revealing Every Aspect of How I Set Up and Monetize My Authority Niche Blogs.
  • Facebook Ad Buying Video – Reveals Exactly How I Create, Target and Set Up Facebook Ads.
  • Video Creation: My YouTube Channel Has 96,000 Views in 8.5 Months. Video Creation Training Shows You How I Create Popular Videos in My Niche in Minutes.


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