Airplane Deicing: The How & Why

If you’ve traveled by air in wintry weather, you’ve probably looked out your window before takeoff and seen vehicles circling the plane, spraying deicing fluid on the wings. Passengers often ask me why it’s so important to make sure the aircraft is free of snow and ice accumulation. Not just removing, but also preventing a […]

United Airlines Kicks Retired Professors Off Late-Night Flight

A married couple, Jessie Au, 68, and her husband M.G. (“Guill”) Wientjes, 66, both PhDs, were kicked off a late-night United flight from Washington, DC to Los Angeles earlier this summer. To add insult to injury, Au, a 5’3” grandmother, says an internal United committee called her “belligerent” and “threatening” after she stood up for […]

Norwegian Cancels 25% Of U.S. Winter Flights To Europe

Norwegian Air Shuttle aircraft taking off from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Looking for a cheap winter vacation to Europe? Your budget options from the U.S. have just decreased as the results of Norwegian’s strategy shift from growth to profitability start to become clear. The low-cost carrier has axed hundreds of long-haul flights from its 2019/20 winter schedule, […]