Forex Pro Star

Forex Pro Star Details

Forex PRO Star is software which provides trading signals from two professional trader Joe O Reilly and Richard. Two traders provide trading signals automatically executed on the client’s account once a star PRO Forex MT4 platform has been installed on the client.

The developers claim that one of their customers to make $ 13K in one month using PRO Forex Star and other customers to make a profit of $ 75K on a deposit of $ 5K. Both developers have made a video in which they log into their live MT4 account in front camera and show a profit of $ 63,552.17.

They also showed a Bank of America account with their bank account balance is greater than $ 900K. According to the developers, all the hard work done by them while customers only need to install the software and let the trades made ​​by them executed on client accounts automatically.

The developers of Forex PRO Star also provide a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee so that anyone interested can test drive their signal software. According to the developers, anyone interested can test drive their PRO Forex with an investment of only $ 100 and if it makes $ 1.171% return, can continue to use the software on a monthly subscription of $ 47/month.

There is very little information about the Forex Pro Star. I know I say that a lot but this time I really mean it. If you go onto the website you see a couple of buy now buttons, results from one day of trading in what looks to be a binary options broker and very little else.

I find it very strange that this is the Forex Pro Star and they’re showing us results from a binary options broker. I guess you can trade Forex through these brokerages as well but it is very uncommon that the product will be promoted in this way. The results really don’t show us much either, they show a few different pairs and they show about nine trades and of those trades three are losers.

Forex Pro Star

So the best results they were able to show us what the Forex Pro Star is actually a winning percentage around 70% over two days and that’s really all they show us. I really think that this is a binary options system and that it is just name being correctly but there is so little information about this product on the website it’s inconceivable.

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