US Stocks Rise on Positive Trade Talks with China; Bitcoin Cautious

The US stocks opened Wednesday on a higher note as President Donald Trump signaled positive outcomes of their trade talks with China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 0.5 percent to 23902 points after adding 115 points while the S&P 500 gained 0.3 percent. The Nasdaq Composite Index surged by 43.2 – or 0.6 percent – to 6941. The jump marked the market’s fourth consecutive upside session – the first time since Sep 14 – correcting 9% from its Dec 24 lows. However, the market remained 11% down from its 2017 peak.

Source: US Stocks Rise on Positive Trade Talks with China; Bitcoin Cautious


Strike Trader Elite – Forex Trading System By Trading Strategy Guides


We plan on adding the Strike Trader Elite System to a variety of OTHER platforms including, but not limited to, Meta Trader 5, Ninja Trader, Trade Station, Tradingview, Thinkorswim, and more!!

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The Strike Trader Elite system works in three different modes.The scalping mode, the day trading mode, and the swing trading mode. All HIGHLY accurate and ALL will make you money, we guarantee it!

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Step 1: Attach our custom “Striker Trader Elite” Software to your Charts

Step 2: Wait for a “Buy” or “Sell” signal that our software will generate automatically. The Yellow line will automatically change to blue.

Step 3: Enter the Trade and Set up your stop loss and take profit based on what the system shows you

Step 4: Enjoy seeing 70% of these trades hit your target

Here are a few of the topics the trainings will cover:
  • Win to Loss ratios and Reward to Risk ratios for successful trading 
  •  Efficient money management methods 
  •  Position sizing and proper leverage for FX 
  •  Scalping & Swing Trading differences – the benefits of both styles
  •  Smart trade entry methods for Scalping and Swing trading
  • Best FX Pairs to trade and best times of day to trade 
  •  How to trade “News Release” events with precision 
  •  Advanced “in-trade” management for maximum profits 
  •  Support & Resistance levels and tracking 
  •  Developing key habits through “process based psychology” for successful trading

Our Strike Traders are welcome to share their ideas and thoughts about this system. Our group administrator will also keep our members up to date with any news and recommended trades to take!


The system takes into consideration many market variables which will weed out the majority of false signals.
The system accommodates all types of traders. Whether you are a short term (scalper) trader, a day trader, or a swing trader, the Strike Trader Elite Setups works well for all of you!
We wrote down the TOP 8 Currency Pairs the Strike Trader Elite System works BEST regardless if you are a scalping or swing trading.

Strike Trader Elite – How  Forex Traders Looking to Grow Their Account Quickly | Online Marketing Tools

One of the biggest problems you will face as trader is finding the right system for you and staying away from “gurus” out there that are scamming traders every day.

They will continue to promote unprofitable trading systems, but in the end you will only be left with less money in your account and a massive headache in dealing with getting your hard earned cash back.
Our simple solution that we have for you today will guarantee you never suffer at the hands of an evil guru again…
We do not promise or share any kind of false bank statements or unrealistic results…
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The secret to this Trading System that makes it so unique is giving you information at your fingertips about this trading strategy that most other trading “gurus” fail to share!
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Most traders quit after so many cycles of this nonsense. Others linger on hoping to finally find something that works.
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Sticking with a strategy and tweaking it is like going to the gym… Everyone knows it works, but no one wants to do it (because it’s hard and boring and there is no instant gratification). Find more…

Source: Strike Trader Elite – How  Forex Traders Looking to Grow Their Account Quickly | Online Marketing Tools

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