4 Simple Habits To Build Wealth Faster

Phil Leo / Michael Denor) As a young child, did you ever dream of having $1 million in the bank? I used to think that way, but my perspective changed over the years. $1 million is no longer a guarantee of financial freedom. For someone spending $200,000 a year in good health, $1 million won’t […]

Gig-Economy Jobs and How To Manage The Irregular Income

(Sirin Thada for The Washington Post) At the time of this writing, thirty-six percent of U.S. workers participate in the so-called gig economy. That includes everyone from online platform workers — selling items on eBay or Etsy — to drivers for Uber or Lyft, to contract nurses, to those who take a temp job, according […]

How Taking A Step Back Can Lead To Business Growth

Getty For most business owners, the saying “one step forward, two steps back” sounds miserable, but in many cases, taking a step backward can propel you forward and actually change your life for the better. As an entrepreneur, you have responsibilities outside work. These might include providing for your family’s needs, teaching your children values […]

Financial Freedom in Retirement Is All About Cash Flow

(Image credit: Getty Images) If things you thought were true were actually wrong, when would you want to know? When I was a child, I recall my mother saying that drinking and driving was against the law. For many years after that, whenever I saw someone drinking a soda while driving, I assumed they were […]

Clearview AI Ordered To Delete All Facial Recognition Data Belonging To Australians

Controversial facial recognition firm Clearview AI has been ordered to destroy all images and facial templates belonging to individuals living in Australia by the country’s national privacy regulator. Clearview, which claims to have scraped 10 billion images of people from social media sites in order to identify them in other photos, sells its technology to […]