Solving Your Online Game Development Challenges At The Edge

The global video games market continues to grow bigger and more competitive, with billions of players who expect fast online experiences. Game development also keeps getting more resource intensive. With AWS you can focus on creating unique experiences, scale to meet new demands easily, and solve latency challenges by deploying multiplayer servers anywhere.

Below you’ll learn more about how AWS Outposts can help you deliver the next great game development and capture a new generation of demanding online players. Read on to discover:

  • Key challenges that multiplayer gaming companies encounter
  • How AWS Outposts helps
  • A use case example of reducing latency

Gaming challenges

As multiplayer game companies look for further growth opportunities, keeping a seamless customer experience is paramount. To achieve this, there are some specific key challenges to address:

Fast and smooth in-game experience

Even if game application servers are deployed in multiple AWS Regions, players in locations far from the server will not experience the same low-latency benefits.

Teams’ competing development priorities

Developers need to be able to focus on developing unique games, not porting applications to multiple internal hardware stacks or managing hardware.

Growing developer demands

As games get bigger and target more platforms, build processes require more compute and storage resources.

How does AWS Outposts help?

With AWS Outposts, game companies can benefit from:

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Plus… Outpost validated partner solution offerings

Protect and enrich the player experience by integrating with Outposts Partner offerings, like Veritas, Pure Storage, Sisense, CyberArk, AppDynamics, ScyllaDB and Confluent, that have been validated on AWS.

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Gaming use cases

Reduce Cloud Gaming Latency

Problem – Game servers are too far from players

You want to give players an immersive experience. But they can’t compete on a level playing field, because latency is preventing them from reacting quickly to in-game events. Players can be vocal about the problem in online communities and if play isn’t smooth and immersive your game’s success could be limited by that.

Solution – Deploy close to players on AWS Outposts

  • You choose the locations
  • Migration is easy – can be moved to Outposts quickly
  • Consistent hybrid experience
  • You can worry less about failures (AWS manages, monitors, and updates your Outposts racks)

Which type of storage do you need?

Amazon EBS

Configure an Outpost up to 55TB in storage tiers. Snapshot and restore capabilities let you increase volume size without any performance impact.

Amazon S3

Now available in an Outpost, with S3 developers can store and retrieve data in the same way they would access or use data in an AWS Region.

Discover more about AWS Outposts for multiplayer gaming

With AWS Outposts developers can deliver responsive multiplayer gaming anywhere in the world and burst through development limits and the complexity associated with existing operations. Outposts are highly suited for this use case and provide the same services, APIs, and tools as in AWS Regions. Take the next steps by reading in our in-depth eBook here.

AWS Infrastructure Solutions

AWS Infrastructure Solutions

AWS infrastructure solutions allow enterprises across all industries the opportunity to bring AWS services closer to where it’s needed, such as on-premises with AWS Outposts, in large metro areas with AWS Local Zones, or at the edge of 5G networks with AWS Wavelength. These solutions offer enterprises the capability to deliver innovative applications and immersive next-generation experiences using AWS cloud services where they need it. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, speed time to market, and become more dynamic. To learn more about AWS infrastructure solutions, visit



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