GOT Safelist


A GOTCredit is the means where you can take part in our little community. Having GOTCredits allows you to advertise to the safelist, exchange them for banner impressions, or trade them in for CASH! The key that drives the success of our system begins with the versatility of our credits:

Credits for cash exchange – This is by far our most popular feature. Unlike any other credit based safelist, our credits can be converted back into real money. This is why our credit based system can also be considered as the monetary credit system.

Send out ads and traffic exchange – Exchange your credits for the tools of your choice to advertise any business opportunity.

Banner Exchange – Our credit-based banner exchange will rotate your banner along with other members’ banners in the space provided in the top right corner of our site, this includes hotlinks! Each time your banner is shown, 1 credit will be deducted.

GOTAuction – Use your credits to purchase paid memberships to other programs using the GOTSafelist Team Exchange.

Super-Rich Entrepreneurs Use Systems To Pushes Your Conversion Rates Through The Roof. Does your safelist guarantee readers and traffic to your website? Delivering targeted prospects and traffic for Free since 2003.With +60,000 members you can’t go wrong!We do and it’s FREE!

Rotate an 80 character text ad with a 30 character title on the right hand side of EVERY PAGE on GOTSafelist. Your ad will display PUBLICLY to members and to new prospects..

Become more efficient and Profitable by selecting Solo Ads Now to kick off your solo advertising campaigns. Imagine your solo ad campaign sent out to proven buyers and valid prospects. Your profits will skyrocket.


The Most Responsive Free Internet Safelist Advertising since 2003!We are inspired by our members that’s why we’ve created easy-to-use features that will make your advertising very simple! Let’s face it. There are hundreds or even thousands of safelists out there.How GOT Safelist Works

Why would you consider us? It’s because we understand the true value of advertising, customer service, and the importance of a community.

That is why we have our own little community within GOTSafelist that we want YOU to be a part of. Our community is built on trust and our ability to have our own monetary credit system.

It is a proven fact that credit based safelists are more responsive and the lists are always cleaner which keeps response rates higher. So we said, why not make our credits different and give them a monetary value.


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