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Are you looking to build an intelligent application that requires real-time AI inference and video transcode? Good news, the most efficient GPU from NVIDIA can get you there, and it is now available in the cloud. NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs are now being offered in beta on Google Cloud Platform, allowing developers to push the limits of what’s possible for AI inference.

The arrival of Tesla P4 instances to the Google Cloud Platform coincides with the rapidly-growing demand for more responsive and intelligent applications, and creates new opportunities to deliver next-generation AI-powered services. BabbleLabs is one such example illustrating how a company can bring solutions to market faster by leveraging NVIDIA GPUs on GCP.

Imagine interacting with your digital devices from any location, no matter the ambient noise level. From the streets of San Francisco to a windy deck on board the Bay Ferry, BabbleLabs, a member of startup accelerator program NVIDIA Inception, is making it easier for us to interact with our digital devices in noisy environments.

Current technology limits us to keyboards and touchscreens. Speech is a more natural, accessible, and efficient way to interact with these devices. However, it is very difficult to build a great solution around speech due to the highly variable acoustic environments where the devices are used.

Driven by a stellar engineering team equipped with NVIDIA GPUs on Google Cloud, in just six months, BabbleLabs has built next-level speech enhancement solutions like BabbleLabs Clear Cloud API to learn one’s voice and enhance clarity, intelligibility, and identification in real-world scenarios — from professional sound studios to the noisiest streets for common people can record. Here’s an example:

“The sheer performance of GPUs, combined with their robust support in deep learning programming environments, allows us to train bigger, more complex networks with vastly more data and deploy them commercially at low cost,” CEO Chris Rowen said. “GPUs are a key element in BabbleLabs’ delivery of the world’s best speech enhancement technology.”



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