Stellar Challenges Swift, XRP Hits Microsoft Outlook, and Bitcoin Bull Says Crypto Set to Rally

IBM’s Stellar-powered global remittance platform now has six banks on board. Today, the tech giant announced World Wire will power payments and foreign exchange services across 72 countries.“World Wire provides a more straight-through model for cross border payments using the Stellar protocol that makes money transfers point-to-point in lieu of the complexities of conventional correspondent banking. It reduces intermediaries and allows users to accelerate settlement time often in seconds by transmitting monetary value in the form of digital assets, commonly known as cryptocurrencies or ‘stablecoins.’ This simplified approach improves operational efficiency and liquidity management, streamlining payment reconciliation and reducing overall transaction costs for financial institutions.”

Source: Stellar Challenges Swift, XRP Hits Microsoft Outlook, and Bitcoin Bull Says Crypto Set to Rally


Seagate Is Using IBM Blockchain To Fend Off Computer Counterfeiters – Michael del Castillo


Data storage giant Seagate has a counterfeiting problem. All one need do is Google “Seagate and fake” and the results produce numerous guides to help ensure users the hardware they’re putting in their computer is real. But the problem is actually larger than just retail customers buying fraudulent hard drives, which sometimes come shipped as nothing more than dressed  up USB sticks. Not only are counterfeits making it onto some mainstream platforms like eBay, but something called the reverse supply chain, when customers return goods, is also vulnerable, increasing the risk that Seagate itself, which generated $11.8 billion revenue this year, is accepting counterfeits back into its own supply…………..




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Tech Giant IBM Collaborates with Columbia University to Introduce Two Blockchain Accelerator Programs – Julie Williams


A press release released in the IBM News Room on November 19 stated that the tech giant with the help of the world’s leading research university, Columbia University, intends to launch two accelerator programs to help accelerate the growth of blockchain-based tech startups.

The press release stated that both accelerators, which are key components of the partnership entered by both parties – the Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency – were built to offer entrepreneurs and blockchain network founders across the globe the opportunity to access the necessary expertise and resources needed to establish blockchain networks.

Both accelerators are designed to power up to 10 of such blockchain-based tech startups. Through this programs, they will have uninterrupted access to the Columbia research community and student talent pools, IBM Cloud technology, a solid network of business and technical support, and IBM active design workshops. The programs which are in two parts – the IBM Blockchain Accelerator and the Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator – are scheduled to run through a period of sixteen weeks with each program lasting for eight weeks.

The first program named the IBM Blockchain Accelerator is designed to build an enterprise business network and client base for later-stage blockchain-based companies across the globe. This eight-week program is scheduled to be held in New York and San Francisco.

While the other half of the equation, the Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator, is designed to cater to the needs of pre-seed, idea-stage companies which affiliated with Columbia or other recognized universities based in New York. Like the first program, this accelerator program is scheduled to be held for eight weeks. The program is proposed to run for eight weeks on-site in New York City.

In preparation for these programs, the channel for nominations is now open to the general public, while we look forward to January 2019 when the application for Launch would open. The partners released a public note stating that participants are not required to pay a fee as they do not take equity or charge a fee for participating in either of the accelerator programs.

Commenting on the new development, David Post – the Managing Director of IBM Blockchain Accelerator – said that blockchain technology presents endless possibilities and technical talents are rising up to the task by building game-changing applications. He explained further that the tool required to bring about this change is the right expertise and that is the reason IBM is collaborating with Columbia to give early and mid-stage founders a way to build enterprise-grade networks that are capable of pushing blockchain innovation forward.




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Columbia University, IBM Launch Two Accelerator Programs for Blockchain Enterprises – Marie Huillet


IBM and Columbia University have announced two blockchain accelerator programs that aim to help startups in the space innovate at scale, according to an IBM news release Nov. 19. Both programs form part of the Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency, a joint innovation center that was established by the tech giant and U.S. ivy league school this summer. According to the release, each program will support ten startups, offering them a network of business mentors, technical support, access to Columbia’s student talent and “research community,” design assistance, and IBM cloud technology resources………….

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