Your Financial Legacy When You Own Cryptocurrency

Crypto Currency – Nest egg – wealth generation….getty A recent survey found that 89% of Crypto owners are worried if they pass away, their families will not be able to identify and access their Cryptocurrencies. So, what does financial legacy planning look like for Cryptocurrency? How should you include digital assets in your estate plans? […]

Waking Up Early Isn’t Necessarily Better For You

  Getty Images A favorite trope of sleep research is to divide the entire human population into two cute, feathered categories: early birds (also called larks) and night owls. Often, these studies link people’s natural sleep patterns—called their chronotype—with some waking behavior or personality trait. It doesn’t take long to see which team more often […]

4 Ways To Identify High Conflict People Before It’s Too Late

High-conflict people are identified by their blaming of others, all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, and extreme behaviors. (Credit: Alexandra Mirghes / Unsplash) Some people seem predisposed to cause chaos and conflict in their lives. Their every discussion regresses into an argument. Everywhere they go, something goes wrong and someone else is to blame. And they can’t […]

You’re Not Actually Bad At Sales: 3 Ways To Gain More Confidence

Morsa Images | Getty Images What’s missing from your strategy isn’t some learned technique. Sometimes, it’s not your abilities that let you down. It’s doubting yourself. “When I was first getting clients, it felt like I had to fight objections in near hand-to-hand combat with the prospect,” Joshua Centers, founder of Clicks on Command, told […]

How To Craft a Great Mission Statement For Your Business In 5 Simple Ways

Mission statements remain key aspects of businesses since they remind employees and leaders of what the business stands for. These mission statements can inspire people and help them become unified, so a business needs to know how to create one. This means you must review the approaches and strategies available, so you can craft a […]