10 Popular Instagram Tools To Up Your Marketing Game

For businesses running campaigns and influencers looking to build their audience and get clients, just having a popular account is not enough. Instagram tools are an absolute must if you want to gain traction on the platform.

Building a successful social media presence requires both strong to inform your campaigns and powerful automation that keeps your content fresh even if you don’t have the to create and publish it yourself.

Your business is unique, and so is your audience. Thus, not every business is going to benefit from every Instagram tool on this list. As a matter of fact, your company may only need one or two of these Instagram tools to accomplish your goals.

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The Three Metrics That Matter

Regardless of your company’s industry, goals or audience, there are three things you need to focus on, no matter what: consistency, and results.


Find out how often your audience likes to see posts — usually at least once a day, but sometimes more — then keep a schedule of posts coming at the pace they expect. This sends the message that your is dependable, and it also keeps your company on people’s minds as much as possible. Automated publishing software can help you with this.


Your followers want to be heard, and Instagram has some of the most engaged users on the internet. If you’re going to have a successful account, you need to stay engaged. Follow people back, like their posts and mentions, and always reply to their comments on your posts. You can find software on this list that will help you build meaningful relationships with your audience that expand brand loyalty and awareness.



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Social media is constantly upgrading and changing. Performance metrics are an important way to discover what your audience loves, how their sentiment is changing, and what to do next. Analytics tools provide data that inform your company’s current and future social media success.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best Instagram tools marketers should be using:

1. SocialFox

Numbers are the name of the game when it comes to Instagram marketing, and SocialFox is a star player in this area. It’s straightforward and ready to help your business grow through a proven data-driven strategy.

Use this analytics tool to uncover facts about your audience, such as what time of day is best to reach them, their favorite content, and even the most popular of your filters. Get ahead of the competition with metrics that show what’s working and what isn’t.

2. Later

Later helps you stay on top of your content with a publishing calendar that posts automatically at the time and day you schedule. You can create all your content for the week (or even month) using Later’s performance-based guidance, then let Later do the rest. This Instagram tool also works on , and it’s great for businesses working on a budget.

3. Rival IQ

Keep a close watch on your competitors with Rival IQ. This tool gives you in-depth intelligence that helps get your company to the front of the race and keep it there. Set benchmarks based on your rivals’ metrics, then keep track of how you measure up in real-time.

4. Short Stack

Engagement is pretty much the whole point of using an app like Instagram to reach your audience. Getting your followers engaged by giving them regular incentives is an immediate way of building brand presence and awareness. Short Stack gets people paying attention and talking about your business by automating content management.

5. Phlanx

Phlanx is kind of like Tinder for influencers. When you subscribe to Phlanx, businesses have access to a marketplace of Instagram influencers, and influencers have access to businesses that are hiring. You can check out each other’s stats and profiles. There are contract templates available in Phlanx’s resources. And businesses have all the information they need to choose the right influencers to make their campaigns pop.

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6. BuzzSumo

When you want to keep an eye on your company’s reputation, find leads, and build hype around your brand, BuzzSumo is the app for you. BuzzSumo is a social listening tool that notifies you when your company is mentioned or when someone links to your site. Linking this tool with your Instagram gives you the ability to join the conversation about your brand right from BuzzSumo’s dashboard, making it easy to grab every opportunity to gain another follower.

7. Revive Social

Revive Social is one of the best Instagram tools for businesses that may have an archive of content, but are running tight on time. If your company is struggling to keep up with its Instagram growth, Revive Social can help in the content-creation department. Set it to automatically search your old posts for relevant, popular content, then repost. This saves you time on content creation, and more people get to see the posts that work for your brand.

8. LastPass

Cybersecurity keeps getting harder and harder, with new challenges arising all the time. Keeping all your social media account passwords straight (and yes, you should have a different, secure one for each) can be a real headache. LastPass has you covered, with its super-secure password creation and storage capabilities that keep everything in one place and away from hackers.


IFTTT is among the top Instagram tools because it is so versatile. An acronym for “If This, Then That,” IFTTT joins up with your other applications and software to create mini applets that act autonomously when they are triggered. This means you can set IFTTT to post to Instagram automatically every time you add something to your shop, publish a post to or even order a pizza. This is one of those fun apps that you just have to see in action to believe.

10. Bitly

Bitly allows you to customize and brand your links, making them easy to recognize and remember. When you share them on your Instagram profile — or any other place — they are marked for tracking, and you always have access to their performance metrics in real-time. You never have to wonder if your links are working when you keep track of them with Bitly.

2021 is already shaping up to be quite a year, and with the continued pandemic and political frenzy, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise on social. Use these tools to stand out and set your content apart from the endless memes and viral videos.

By: Rotem Gal / Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor / CEO of Insights-Beyond

Source: 10 Popular Instagram Tools to Up Your Marketing Game



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12 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Live To Build Brand Presence

Instagram Live is one of the latest additions to one of the most popular social media networks today. Instagram already boasts hundreds of millions of users. The live format is one that several social media networks (including Instagram’s parent company, Facebook) have been exploring.

The Live space opens up the network to a different type of content—a combination of videos (which we already know have high engagement numbers) and the allure of getting a glimpse into someone’s personal life. While this feature tends to be more popular with individuals, brands can capitalize on it, too, with a bit of research and strategizing.

To help, these 12 members of Forbes Business Council discuss some of the creative ways they see businesses using Instagram Live to grow their brand presence and reach out to customers.

1. Schedule Q&As

People love reality TV and the use of live videos in business can provide instantaneous connection with customers. Integrating this tool in your business can maximize exposure and profits. Schedule Q&As to bring viewers online, update on new offerings and showcase team members’ personality and quirks. The more regular you do lives, the more connections you’ll be making and the more raving fans you’ll create. – Coraline Dufroux, Innova Services Group

2. Host Questionnaires

Hosting an Instagram Live questionnaire is one of the best ways to engage your audience. A special trick to having the best live questionnaire is posting an Instagram story about six hours before going live with the question box feature. This will allow your audience to ask questions beforehand and when you go live there is a feature to bring up all of these questions for everyone to see! – Luke Lintz, HighKey Agency Inc. MORE FOR YOUA CMO’s Road Map To Leading In The Post-Covid Era13 Great Tips For Using Visual Content In Marketing16 Critical Steps When Updating Your Company’s Marketing Funnel

Forbes Business Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners and leaders. Do I qualify?

3. Use The Collaboration Feature

One way businesses can increase their brand awareness using Instagram Live is through the collaboration feature. Companies can use it to partner up and cross-promote with other brands and influencers by going live on campaigns together. This way, both brands can engage with their respective viewers on Instagram Live and potentially gain new quality followers. – Amy Bourne, Brad’s Deals

4. Leverage Guest Appearances

With the shift to a remote work lifestyle, a lot of brands have started using Instagram Live for collaborations and guest appearances. This gives guests an opportunity to share their knowledge and speak about how the work they are doing relates to the brand’s audience. This kind of content helps brands grow because it attracts a new audience and is different from the content they usually produce. – Emma Rose Cohen, Final

5. Host Employee Interviews

One idea is to host an interview with one of your employees on Instagram Live. This is an opportunity to share your organization’s culture and add a human touch to your business, both of which can improve customers’ engagement with your brand. Let customers watching the Live ask questions as this will pique interest and add transparency. – Adam Harvey, Proofed

6. Create Interactive Live Demos

One creative way businesses can use Instagram Live to grow their online brand and presence is by providing live demonstrations that are interactive rather than only educational and content-based. During this time particularly, individuals want information that they can immediately benefit from, e.g., meditation, yoga, cooking and other wellness-related activities. – Dr. Jaquel Patterson, Fairfield Family Health

7. Engage In Bilateral Conversations

Studies indicate that millennials and Gen Zers want brands to engage them online. Consumers want experiential, not simply promotional videos. Instagram Live empowers brands to engage in bilateral conversations versus the standard one-way megaphone. Consumers also want to be heard, not told. Use Instagram Live not to broadcast, but to engage in a meaningful way to build customer loyalty and retention. – Scott Amyx, Astor Perkins

8. Use It As A Storytelling Platform

It’s a great storytelling platform as it has no time limitations and allows you to receive real-time feedback. Viewers can comment during the broadcast, so it’s a fantastic way to get a read on your audience. It’s also casual, so no need for fancy production. Just point and shoot! Consider using this option to expand your brand story, promote upcoming events and test new kinds of content. – Jessica First, Kilter

9. Enhance The Connection With Clients

Now is an excellent time to utilize Instagram Live more than ever before. Most companies are working remotely during this time, and creating human connection has become an essential daily need in all of our lives. Instagram Live is a great way to enhance the connection with clients and customers. Connecting with your customers through avenues like this organically grows your presence and brand. – Brittany Harrer Dolin, The Pocketbook Agency

10. Increase Engagement With Followers

When customers tune into a live video on Instagram, they are choosing to interact with the streamer. It’s important for companies to recognize this opportunity to engage by sparking discussions with the viewers. One way to do that is through rewarding valuable feedback communicated by fans with exclusive offers and coupon codes. Building communities and creating enthusiastic and loyal customers. – Ibrahim Ibrahim, iBoostReach

11. Share Your Journey

Being vulnerable and sharing your journey as a business owner makes your audience turn into loyal customers through the empathy they feel and the connection they have with your real business journey. For example, you could talk about manufacturing challenges or design decisions on social media marketing or about landing a huge contract and all the “feels” you’re going through. It’s priceless! – Silvia Mah, Ad Astra Ventures

12. Showcase Your Personal Life

Part of the brand is personality. We had a lot of success promoting an off-Broadway play with actors using Instagram Live to show fans their morning commute and work outside of the theater. You don’t need to be an actor with this approach. CEOs and other leaders can showcase their personal life with similar IG Live situations. Let your customers connect with your leaders via personal stories. – Mark Macias, MACIAS PR Check out my website.

Expert Panel®

 Expert Panel®Forbes Business Council is an invitation-only, fee-based organization for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.


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