How To Find Influencers On YouTube, Instagram, & Twitter Based on Country Influencer Hub

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  • Get Unlimited Targeted Traffic from YouTubeTM, InstagramTM, TwitterTM, and High-Traffic Blogs In Any Niche from Top Influencers
  • Find Influencers On YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter based on Keywords, Niche, Country and using minimum, and number of followers criteria
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  • Get Email ID, and Contact Details of Any Influencer On YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and High Traffic Blogs Within a Click
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  • Send email to the Influencer instantly on their email id
  • and 50+ Amazing features….

Imagine Strong Influencers Promoting Your Product to Their Millions of Followers On Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and High Traffic Blogs Without You Struggling for Traffic Ever! Find Influencers On YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter based on Keyword Search, Niche, Country and

Find Influencers using minimum, and maximum followers bracket i.e., Influencer having followers or subscribers between 100k to 1 milllions. View Detailed Information about each Influencer like Engagement Rate, Post, Followers, Following, Last Account Activity, Last Online Time, Analysis of each post of each Influencer to get an idea of profitability with them.

Save high converting messages/eMails and re-use them again to save time while dealing with other Influencers. Set Campaign Goal – Get Website Traffic, Promote Product, Promote Event, Get App Installs, Promote Service etc. Provide General Info of Campaign like name, brand name to which traffic is sent, and campaign status.

Set Contract with information like Traffic Destination URL, Your Budget for Influencer, Campaign Task, and Campaign Details. Set Tracking by entering your google analytics or Facebook pixel code, and DONE.

Display your stunning offers and promos, with the attention capturing pop-up boxes. They are super-convenient to use and can be embedded on a blog, website or any webpage. Create urgency for your offers and make them appear truly captivating so that your site visitors cannot to bypass them and much much more….


Source: InfluencerHub

6.7M subscribers
Mariale Marrero, who is a native of Venezuela, is a beauty and lifestyle social media influencer who is paid by companies to promote their products on her social media accounts.


Modern Instagram Marketing – Discover How To Develop The Right Mindset And Send Your Instagram Marketing Campaigns Into Overdrive

The growth in Instagram users has lead to a surge in the amount of advertising that is taking place on the platform. Like other active social media platforms things are always changes and the marketing techniques that used to work well are no longer effective. This is your chance to provide your customers with the very latest proven Instagram marketing advice.

A lot of marketers are drawn to Instagram marketing because of the traffic potential but the fact is that most of them fail. They make common mistakes and the author provides details of ten of these so that the reader can avoid them

 The common Instagram marketing mistakes include going for a big “one off” paid campaign, using direct conversion links, not being social enough, posting low quality content, not reposting other people’s content, incorrect use of hashtags and more.

Read more:

Elite Instagram Marketing


A good majority of online entrepreneurs find it seemingly impossible to drive traffic to their business. And they spend a lot of time, money and energy when they try to because they don’t have a proven guide.

There is a good chance your customers are dealing with these issues… A trickling of visitors to their website and offers, Inability to convert visitors into sales,Spending too many resources to get visitors, Not knowing how to engage visitors and get them to whip out their credit cards and also to build a compelling marketing

Elite Instagram Marketing reveals the step-by-step process for getting *hordes* of targeted visitors from Instagram and converting them into cold hard cash in the bank.

Traffic is CHEAP and EASY… ONLY if you know HOW and WHERE TO get it.Details tomorrow. Elite Instagram Marketing simplifies the entire online marketing process! This is a powerful course and comes with everything you need to sell the product.

It includes a video sales page, high quality graphics and a whole lot more. Best of all, you keep 100% of the profits! We want you to know that this is so much more than just a business arrangement to us . It’s a two-way relationship. Rest assured, we will treat each of your customers as one of our own and always pull out all the stops to ensure we deliver as much value and goodwill as possible.

The contents of the course…
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Instagram 101
  • Chapter 3: Get Started Guide for Instagram
  • Chapter 4: Killer Content Ideas
  • Chapter 5: Attract a Following
  • Chapter 6: Promote Your Account
  • Chapter 7: Instagram Tools to Use
  • Chapter 8: Advanced Instagram Tips
  • Chapter 9: Conclusion

The benifits of the course…
  • How to generate high-converting unlimited FREE traffic from Instagram and convert them into paying customers
  • Instagram 101 – how to get started today without any speed bumps or confusion
  • Addictive content is the KEY to attracting followers – discover how to create content that will attract hundreds of followers in a single day
  • How to avoid the 3 horrible mistakes corporate companies make when engaging with their followers
  • The 8 instantly-effective ways to generate quality content that gets shared and drives traffic to your site FAST
  • Why Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and why you need to take action NOW to maximize your profits!
  • The sneaky ways Influencers use ‘hashtags’ to get thousands of likes every Monday and Thursday
  • What Starbucks did to get FREE Instagram marketing from their fans – and how you can do the same
  • The one Instagram feature you HAVE TO take advantage of if you want your local business to be #1 in your local market
  • Discover a step-by-step process for promoting and growing your account organically so you can DOMINATE your niche
  • If you are already advertising on Facebook, then you’ll be able to grow even FASTER by integrating the platforms – we’ll show you how
  • Instagram isn’t just for online businesses – local businesses can CRUSH competition by marketing on Instagram
  • A fool-proof marketing plan to guarantee results and free traffic TODAY
  • And much more…


We all know that changing up the look of your product can be a very powerful strategy when you bring it to market.

If you have every priced professionally designed ecovers, you know you it can easily run into a lot of money.

These 10 ecovers are yours today with full Private Label Rights. You will also receive the Photoshop source files, use them any way you like.


(1) InstaDesigner – Home

InstaDesigner. InstaDesigner allow your to post text to Instagram and share your thoughts with all of your followers!

(1) InstaDesigner – Home

InstaDesigner. InstaDesigner allow your to post text to Instagram and share your thoughts with all of your followers!



Inside InstaNinjas you’ll Learn:How to build accounts for the long-term that will drive thousands of visitors to your site, day in and day out, The right way to target your followers, so your traffic converts and puts money in your pocket, How to get started quickly and easily and do it all for FREE, The future of Instagram’s paid traffic platform and how to build a fanbase for tons of FREE traffic… today! Why Facebook marketing is dead and why Instagram blows Facebook and Twitter out of the water when it comes to user engagement, How you can build an Email list faster and easier than you’ve ever thought possible with Instagram… for FREE, How to make $50,000 or more simply selling shoutouts on Instagram. It comes at the perfect time since Instagram now boasts over 300 million active users. Our marketing software includes the following comprehensive features Target users/photos by keyword search, tag search, user’s followers, user’s friends, your feed, URL, recent comments or likes, Auto follow (you can also monitor a tag and like any users making new posts, thereby ensuring you are only following active accounts), Auto unfollow (you can exclude users you followed less than X days ago or users who haven’t followed you back),Auto like (you can also monitor your feed or a tag search and like any new photos)SUPERLIKE! Like targeted users’ last 5 photos. Extremely effective method to gain more followers.




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