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Your Enterprise Network Is Haunted — Here’s How To Banish The Darkspace

For many companies, the network is like a creepy haunted house—there’s darkspace around every corner and they know bad stuff is hiding there, but they can’t see it until it’s too late. The first step to solving this problem is to understand what we…


3 Things IBM Sees In Red Hat That Others Missed – Panos Mourdoukoutas

Red Hat was up for sale for quite some time, according to some sources. Several potential buyers passed on the opportunity, including Google. But not IBM. IBM paid big bucks for the open source software solutions company. At a price tag of $33 Billion….

The Success of Your Business Depends On The Relationship Between IT & Finance – Damon Fletcher

Thirty-eight percent of CFOs are responsible for IT departments, but many finance departments operate separately from their IT counterparts. As CFO duties evolve to include greater technology responsibilities, it is vital for modern finance departments to prioritize a data strategy. In fact, digital transformation…

How To Improve Your Digital Journey With The Right Partners – Derek Klobucher

Compared to a classic IT solution, [partnership] enables you to go much further along the way in a short period of time,” Carlo Schots, from The Netherlands-based IT service provider Ordina, stated in a video shown at SAP Leonardo Now last month. “Together they…

How The Internet Of Things And AI Help Keep The Lights On – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

More and more of us are living in smart, connected homes. We use devices like Amazon’s Alexa to control our lights, Google’s Nest to learn and anticipate our heating preferences, and smart meters to give us real-time data about our energy usage. But these…

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