Measuring The Total Economic Impact Of Unified Endpoint Management

Getty images Today, the average IT organization is spending at least 5%1 of their organization’s annual revenue on IT investments – and the cost of each investment spans far beyond its price tag. Each one needs to be deployed and maintained by IT staff that is grappling with more tools and software products than ever […]

Microsoft Is Forcing Outlook and Teams To Open Links In Edge

Illustration: The Verge Microsoft Edge is a good browser but for some reason Microsoft keeps trying to shove it down everyone’s throat and make it more difficult to use rivals like Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft has now started notifying IT admins that it will force Outlook and Teams to ignore the default web browser on […]

Why Workload Placement Is The Key To a Strong IT Foundation

How you design your IT house can be as important as how architects design physical homes…getty Where you decide to run your applications is as important as what you run. What does your workload placement strategy look like? Home architects are very careful about their design choices. Many of their decisions, such as the best […]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes the Board Can Make Around Cyber Security

The role of the Board in relation to cyber security is a topic we have visited several times since 2015, first in the wake of the TalkTalk data breach in the UK, then in 2019 following the WannaCry and NotPeyta outbreaks and data breaches at BA, Marriott and Equifax amongst others. This is also a […]

The 5 Biggest IT Mistakes Companies Make And How To Avoid Them

A new study released by research firm Gartner shows that employees are nearly two times more likely to pretend to be working when their employers use tracking systems to monitor their output. Gartner surveyed more than 2,400 professionals in January 2021. Across the world, IT professionals are in charge of an increasing number of servers […]