Visa Pushes Into Payroll With ADP Partnership To Kill Paper Paychecks

Visa is taking direct aim at physical paychecks in its latest partnership with human capital management software provider ADP. While 94% of workers receive their pay electronically by direct deposit, checks capture off-cycle payments, such as real-time payouts, termination pay, and wage disbursements for contractors and 1099 workers. Though circulation is declining annually, the Federal […]

The Future Of Jobs And Education

The world of work has been changing for some time, with an end to the idea of jobs for life and the onset of the gig economy. But just as in every other field where digital transformation is ongoing, the events of 2020 have accelerated the pace of this change dramatically. The International Labor Organization […]

The Do’s and Donts of Starting A New Job

Regardless of who you are or where you’re at in your career, the process of starting a new job can be a scary thing to go through. After all, you’ll not know anyone to begin with. You’ll have no idea how you’ll fit into the team dynamic, and you’ll probably feel completely out of your […]

If Your Work Lacks Purpose, Make It More Meaningful Through Job Crafting

We spend the vast majority of our waking hours at work. Given just how much time, energy and effort we expend in our jobs, it’s reasonable to want to hold one that offers us a sense of purpose and meaning. You should strive to pursue a job or career that offers the chance to be […]

17 Surprising Remote Jobs With A Great Salary -Zack Friedman

It sounds like a dream comes true. Or is the grass just greener? Working from home is not for everyone – but if you find a job that works for you, it may be your ticket to a more flexible career and lifestyle. Here are 17 surprising remote jobs and the salary that you can […]