Video Express 2 – World’s First & Best Video Suite to Rank Any Video You Want

With three simple steps you can find the most trending keywords to rank for, optimize your video automatically and also create backlinks for your uploaded video, making sure you gonna rank and stick. Enter a keyword and Video Express 2 will instantly give you the most relevant keywords to rank for, it gives you the right title, description and tags that will generate the most views and traffic for your videos immediately and Post your video and it will instantly generate dozens of backlinks that are gonna make your videos rank and stick. It shows you the most relevant keywords to rank for, the keywords that will get you the best results, saving you time and money and gives everything you need to rank, the right title, description and tags that you need to make sure you will get results from the serps but also related videos of yours………

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Niche Genetics Expert v2 – A Complete In Depth Analysis of Google Ranking Algorithm

We all know by now… Ranking on Google is more difficult than ever before. With its never-ending stream of algorithm updates and “slaps”, Getting a site to rank consistently has become a major challenge. Until now! NicheGenetics will analyze, dissect and then reveal Google’s hidden and ever-changing algorithm. This allows you to “crack the Google code”…So you can find out exactly what to do in order to get your site ranking on top of Google, for the best keywords in your niche. The keywords that matter most to your bottom line! Our intuitive, easy-to-navigate design will make you an expert in no time. Let our advanced keyword analysis help you discover new opportunities to increase sales and profits …..

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MarketTapp Research Tool


MarketTapp has 2 core features: an Inspiration database of nearly 15,000 curated niches, all broken down into market categories, niches, microniches. And a Keyword Exploration interface, connected directly, that pulls suggest phrases.

We are also connected to Facebook, so Groups and Pages are revealed for a niche topic. And to Twitter for the keyword-based conversation there; and to Reddit to show related channels.

The point — and POWER — of MarketTapp is the ability to brainstorm a niche idea, drill down into it, find related keywords, find the audience, and take action.As an upsell (and downsell), we offer data that’s being pulled from BuzzSumo and SEMRush.

This gives the user keyword analysis ability, as well as access to popular niche-specific content. All neatly connected together, so it’s a matter of a couple of taps and a wealth of information is at your fingertips!



Which niche should you go into? Niche Marketers: It all starts HERE Outsource Your Inspiration? What’s Hot and What’s NOT! It’s the obvious step that stumps most marketers A PRE-Keyword Tool..Which Niche Should I Go Into? Software Makes Picking a Niche Easy! Never be at a loss for new ideas

The Holy Grail of Niche Discovery ..Time is money…Wasted time is wasted money… When you can leverage someone else’s hard work and the right tools, it speeds everything up. I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of niches and microniches at your fingertips. You’re going to flip out when you sit down to play with this.



KeySearch Starter


Imagine how successful your site would be if you could quickly find keywords and niches that are easy to rank with little to no competition. How bout the power to find an endless supply of highly profitable, low competition keywords quickly and easily. Keysearch gives you an advantage in a way no other product has. It has helped me and many users gain traffic and sales that we couldn’t even dream of before. Now combine that with the ability to snag your competitors keywords, our incredible bulk difficulty checker, rank tracking, API access, plus white label reporting and you’ll have the ultimate SEO powerhouse working for you! Keysearch gives you more ways to find related, niche relevant keywords than any other software. Just put in a seed keyword and Keysearch will return up to 1000 related keywords with search volume, CPC and PPC data. Need even more keywords? Then refine your search with our Google Suggest, Bing Suggest and Youtube suggest finders. Now if thats still not enough, you can even enter your competitors URL and have Keysearch grab keywords that your competitors are ranking for, giving you endless ways to search for hidden gem long tail keywords. Not to mention our advanced filtering options & automatic exact match domain checker. Keyword research will finally be fun and easy!


With Keysearch you have the ability to do in-depth competition analysis with a push of a button. Our sophisticated algorithm uses tons of on-page and off-page ranking factors to give you an accurate, single number competition score plus full top 10 search analysis.


Keyword Tapp

KeywordTapp connects you to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, and eBay’s search engines. By giving you results from these seven different websites, you are stacking the deck in your favor to create a truly complete keyword list. Pulling actual user-generated keywords from the top 6 search engines will provide you with thousands of targeted buyer keywords in seconds.Continue to drill down into any keyword result, or use KeywordTapp’s built-in keyword modifiers to extract the long-tail phrases that get you inside a searcher’s head. Long-tail phrases are easier to compete for, and tend to be more targeted and better converting.These are the Questions people ask; the “Buy Now” words they use; the exact phrases they use to gather information on your niche. The long-tail is where the profit is.A quick indicator of search volume is Google Trends. With a click, view any keyword in Google Trends to see the historical (and present) relevance of any keyword. Avoid focusing on “dying” keywords and ensure your keywords are solid from the start.None of your research will be wasted. KeywordTapp will save all of your keyword searches and analysis to your account so you can retrieve everything for comparison later.You can also export your keywords and analysis into .CSV files for easy tracking and reporting.





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