Paperback Formula

The Paperback Formula is a 3 step system for converting your book from digital to paperback. Strategies for marketing your book are not in the core USP of this course. Having said that, I have recorded a BONUS video which you get along with your purchase that will show you how to setup a Good reads giveaway resulting in HUGE exposure of both versions of your book.

Here is what you get:

  • 3 Core Videos that walk you through the entire step by step process LIVE – to transform your Kindle eBook into a paperback on Create space…
  • The Simple 3 Step System that allows you to copy and paste your way to a physical version of your book on Amazon using my proven template…
  • How to get your cover designed – Kindle covers are simple. Create space covers for a paperback copy are a little tricker. Watch closely as I show you the finer details of what you need to know.
  • A list of my top 4 favorite places to find designers  where you can get PROFESSIONAL covers done for cheap…
  • How to submit to Create
  • space the RIGHT way ensuring your book is priced correctly to make maximum profits for both versions of your book…
  • Plus my BONUS video on How to host a
  • Goodreads giveaway resulting in HUGE “exposure” for BOTH versions of your book.
  • …and so much more!

If you already have a book on Kindle, you can (generally) increase your royalties from that book of around 20-30% by just following my simple 3 step conversion formula. You’re doing no additional

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work, just copying and pasting the content into another template (Word Doc.), creating a cover and submitting to Create space. Simple conversion process is the same for fiction and non-fiction. The LIVE process I walk you through is for a NEW non-fiction book released under my own name and you get to see the steps. However, the process will be exactly the same for any book

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