The Major Concerns Around Facial Recognition Technology

Deep fake or deepfake technology as AI or artificial intelligence as a biometrics fake visual… [+] Getty Facial recognition software has become increasingly popular in the past several years. It is used everywhere from airports, venues, shopping centers and even by law enforcement. While there are a few potential benefits to using the technology to […]

‘The Alignment Factor’: Market Alignment With Segmentation and Differentiation

halbergman | Getty Images A new, ongoing series from the authors of ‘Total Alignment’ continues with a look at how defining a segment and focusing on its needs gets you one step closer to your goals. Businesses small and large are being impacted by the pandemic, and entrepreneurs are not immune. In order to survive […]

Social Security’s ‘Taxable Maximum’ Jumps 9%—But Will It Make a Dent In The Trust Fund?

Getty Images/iStockphoto Social Security’s payroll tax cap was raised nearly 9% for 2023, meaning more income will face Social Security taxes next year, but the rise is unlikely to affect the solvency of the trusts underpinning the system. Citing the increase in average wages, the Social Security Administration said the maximum amount of earnings subject […]

Crypto Links With Banks Pose Threat To Financial Stability, Says ECB

The crypto industry’s deepening ties to banks and asset managers will pose a risk to financial stability, the European Central Bank has warned, in the latest sign of how central banks and governments are stepping up their scrutiny of the market. The ECB said on Tuesday it had undertaken “a deep dive into cryptoasset leverage […]

Opinion: If We Want To Solve Climate Change, Businesses Need To Invest In Our Planet 

Wind turbines turn behind a solar farm in Rapshagen, Germany, October 2021 Kathleen Rogers is President of EARTHDAY.ORG, a global year-round policy and activist organization with programs around the world. She has been at the vanguard of developing campaigns focused on expanding and diversifying the environmental movement. The views expressed in this commentary are her […]