List Builder Mayhem


List Builder Mayhem is viral mailer that allows members to email other members using credits earned by viewing others email ads. A new and unique thing with List Builder is that any emails sent that are unopened, the credits for that ad are returned to the member.

 This allows you to use less credits when sending the ad.  Down side is no one seems to need credits, you get 2000 credits just for joining and if you get a 2% click rate that means your using 20 credits per mailing, and that’s if you get 2%.

They do have click competitions where you can earn credits and also have a weekly drawing for cash, no minimum withdrawal amount. Does help keep members active. They do offer upgrades and commissions for referrals, see chart below.

It is now a part of The Land Marketing Group..Mail From 2000 to all members , Earn Up to 50% on EVERY SALE,Upgrade Levels to fit everyone’s budget! Invest In Yourself Today



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