MyMailIt – How To take Full Control Of Your Email List Through Powerful Autoresponder


With this amazing WordPress autoresponder plugin you will Provide CONSISTENT DELIVERY – so users would never suffer reduced deliverability because of spammers or blacklisted IPs on 3rd party platforms.

Let you import your leads with NO RESTRICTIONS – it’s your list, so you should be able to keep ALL of your subscribers. Allow people to send UNLIMITED emails with NO MONTHLY FEES – and save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year .

You will be able to :

  • Choose what subscribers to upload, and how many (there are no restrictions)
  • Choose when to send emails
  • Choose how many emails you want to send (again, NO limits)
  • Choose what’s in the emails you send
  • Never worry again about a 3rd party company crippling your business and costing you lost profits
  • Decide what web platform to use: MyMailIt is fully cloud-based , there is nothing to download or install!

MailIt is a WordPress plugin that Brett originally designed for his business. myMailIt is the upgraded cloud based version which was written from the ground up, and is much more powerful with many new features that were not possible in the WordPress version.

If you would like additional features like the ability to schedule your emails, to create unlimited follow up sequences, to build beautiful optin forms, and to have a cloud based system that you can access from anywhere then upgrading to myMailIt is for you.


No need to be a technical wizard... it’s step by step easy with the included directions. myMailIt was specifically designed to be extremely user-friendly, and getting started is simple.

EVER exposing your business to the risk of lowered email delivery due to spammers on 3rd party platforms. Risking account suspension due to the content of your emails* or the ever-changing terms of service of brand name autoresponders.


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