Ripple and XRP Could Succeed Regardless of SEC Case Outcome

In a recent newsletter, Fortune Crypto Editor Jeff John Roberts asserted that Ripple has finally found a long-term value proposition for the company and XRP, the native token of the XRP Ledger. In the newsletter titled “Ripple and XRP may finally be for real,” Roberts reveals that he has always been skeptical of the value […]

The Next Fintech Revolution: Agriculture Finance

A farm worker labors in a field near the town of Arvin, California. California’s Central Valley is … [+]..Getty Images The last few years of tech news headlines were dominated by the word “fintech.” From massive fundraises to customer growth to product launches to scandals – new disruptors were everywhere in consumer banking, credit, payments, […]

How Top Consulting Firms Do Strategy

Photography by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash Some say strategy is vision, others say strategy is process and tactic. It’s one of those things everyone has a different take on. To pin down what strategy is, I started by looking at how today’s thought leaders — McKinsey, Harvard Business Review, and Monitor Deloitte — […]

Dysfunctional Financial Markets are Making Inequality Worse All The Time

Winners and losers. Tama2u The global market in government bonds has been bleeding red lately. “Bond market screams for help but no one answers”, says Bloomberg. It is “the worst start to a year in bonds since 2015”, according to the Financial Times.Though bonds have been declining since last summer, the sell-off became a lot […]

China’s GDP Contraction A Window To Its Post-Coronavirus Future

Getty Images Media headlines out did each other in broadcasting China’s 6.8% contraction in GDP in the first quarter this year. It was indeed breaking news in that it was the first ever contraction since China started reporting quarterly GDP data in 1992. However, beyond the headlines, there is surprisingly little that is newsworthy. It […]