Easy Member Neo


In Just ONE CLICK, You Can Join Over 3,200 Smart Happy Marketers Using The World’s Most Comprehensive ‘Done For You’ Membership Site Solution. All smart and highly successful marketers know that the real money – the true profitability in Internet Marketing comes from recurring memberships. Membership Sites = the fastest and most effective way of generating huge profits in Internet Marketing.So what’s been stopping you. After running a number of incredibly successful membership sites and profiting big and often, we realized that membership sites were undoubtedly the key to regular recurring online income. Now, we’re going to give you every single bit of feature-rich juiciness. Without you having to do a single part of the set up yourself. So you can be up and running right away – With absolutely zero technical effort. And *BOOM* – You’ve got yourself a monthly money generator.All at ONE SINGLE CLICK OF A BUTTON. In this tool Members get an automatic affiliate link, so they can promote your site immediately after joining, Affiliates can sign-up without becoming a member, Set your affiliate commission percentage globally and give individual affiliates a custom percentage if needed, View outstanding commissions at any time and see the total owed to each affiliate, Easily upload promo emails and graphics – affiliate links are embedded automatically, When you have hundreds or thousands of paying members on your membership site, BACKUPS ARE IMPERATIVE. If anything should go wrong with your web hosting company…don’t worry – Easy Member NEO has it covered



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