SocialVid InstaPortfolio Platinum


With SocialVid you will have 1-Click PayPal-Integration has Marketers & Local Businesses Queuing up to Pay You $1,000s for Facebook Video Marketing, 4-Vid App InstaPortfolio Demos Eye-Popping FB Video Apps to Prospects…All Mobile Optimized, Done-for-You “Explainer InfoVis” Sales Video w/ Professional Voiceover Converts Leads, FB Integration Powers InstaPortfolio Directly from Facebook Leveraging that “Viral Effect”, Carefully Crafted Done-For-You Copy for the SocialVid Sales System & Proven to Engage Mockups for Optimized Conversions.Create a SocialVid InstaPortfolio Facebook App to leverage the viral aspect of Facebook and drive current Facebook fans, groups or ads directly to your Sales System, We masterfully crafted the copy and graphics in-house to position you as a 6-Figure Social Video Marketer with the entire system. If you want to charge premiums of $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 for your Social Video Services you need to look the part and with our system you build client trust instantly.Once a prospect buys Social Video Services from you it’s easy to analyze their mobile, SEO and other online campaigns. They don’t have them? Upsell opportunity for you to create them! Their site isn’t mobile-optimized for their Video? Upsell opportunity for you to create one.





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