How Mobile Phones Have Changed Our Brains

Getty Images The first handheld cellphone call was made 50 years ago, and since then these devices have become an essential multi-tool that helps us run our lives. But are they also altering the way our brains work? Like many of us, I spend too much time on my phone. And, like many of us, […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Signing a New Mobile Phone Contract

Eva-Katalin//Getty Images Signing a mobile contract locks you into ongoing payments for 12 months or more, so it’s important to find the best deal before you commit. Here are 5 questions you should ask before signing a new mobile phone contract. 1. What is network coverage like in my local area? Save time by checking […]

The Digital Marketing World Is Shifting To a Mobile First Revolution

Let’s get this clear. Any business owner willing to make a mark in this ever changing digital marketing universe is looking for mobile first optimization services. But, they’re not aware where to go or how to get all their business elements mobile optimized. And that’s where Mobilio becomes the ultimate savior. With this limited time […]

How Regular Ever Day People Selling Mobile Apps To Businesses Through Zapable

Before developing a mobile app was almost impossible out of the reach to the local business owner. It was simply a financial impossibility for most. But now there is NEW solution. That allows anyone with hardly any technical experience to build amazing beautiful apps, packed with the features they need. Zapable is nothing but software […]

4 Strategies To Improve Your Website’s Mobile Version

getty More than 75% of people around the world use a smartphone, so it’s no wonder that website designers have grown increasingly concerned with mobile optimization in recent years. Mobile web design is essential since most businesses are discovered through online searches now. But what does it mean to have an effective mobile webpage, and […]