Emerging Markets and The Future Of Blockchain

In the first ten years of the expansion of blockchain technology, it was utterly dominated by developed (or more precisely western) nations. But emerging markets like Africa are adopting crypto faster than their global counterparts. This growth is even more impressive when one considers that there has been very little institutional support for blockchain technology […]

Simple Promotional Strategies With Podcast Advantage Masterclass

Have you tried posting on social media only to find that people aren’t engaging with your posts and the platform has limited how many people see your posts in the first place? Have you started a YouTube channel only to realize each video takes hours to record, edit, render and upload… Every single week? And, […]

The Top 50 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Advertising market trends 1.Programmatic Advertising What is programmatic advertising? It means advertisers automate ad buying to target more specific audiences. This type of automation results in faster and efficient bidding. Advertisers then, have to spend less time and effort planning the ad bidding and buying. How does programmatic advertising work? Step 1 – a user clicks on the webpage […]