Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership


The Affiliate Black Book is an explosive compilation of material guaranteed to give you an advantage against all comers.This is for the serious affiliate, or the affiliate ready to get serious.This is for you if you’re already producing results and you want to take it higher – or you need to protect your turf from a pack of rabid dogs out for your blood.Mr X is one of the world’s foremost experts on affiliate marketing.  He has released numerous products on the subject and taught thousands of Internet marketers how to make REAL money, real fast.You’ll learn about How to launch your own business for under $100 with the potential to earn $25,000 to $100,000 a year!All you need is A domain name,Web hosting ,Email service provider, like Aweber. You will discover the highly-targeted, low-risk process of leveraging the assets of others – products and services people ALREADY want to buy – to get paid while building the greatest assets any marketer could ever possess – lists!And this is just the beginning!  You’ll learn how to . You’ll learn where to look for high converting traffic. Forget about cheap traffic – you want action-taking traffic. Also you’ll discover the six critical criteria for selecting products that are nearly guaranteed to make you money.  I’d drop the word “guaranteed” but you know someone will screw this up, so “nearly” is as close as we can get.And you’ll be shown how where I find the best content writers. Is it how?  Or is where?  It’s both – how AND where.  This is cool – and obvious, but only after you hear the idea.You’ll see how full-time affiliate marketers really make money. HINT: They aren’t relying on free traffic, one-off micro-offers and push-button generated websites.



What are the pieces of John’s affiliate empire?

  • Module 1: Paradigm X – This is the refresher module. It will prepare you for the world of affiliate marketing.
  • Module 2: Niche Selection – So important an entire module is dedicated to it. Plus understanding frontends, backends, demand, high ticket products and more.
  • Module 3: Build The Site – How to build a site that makes you the authority. This module is critical.
  • Module 4: Build The Traffic – Getting traffic from Adwords…what? That’s right. This module shows you how to get Adwords traffic as an affiliate. Goes hand in hand with Module 3.
  • Module 5: Build The Relationships – Email marketing and cultivating relationships. This module helps you turn a campaign into a long term business.Membership sites has lots of video and resources. Above is the core training.


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