When A Mutual-Fund Converts To An ETF: How It Works

Asset managers continue to convert some of their mutual funds into exchange-traded funds. So what does that mean for investors? A 2019 change to the rules governing investment funds made it easier for managers to convert mutual funds to ETFs by removing the need for separate approval of each potential conversion by the Securities and […]

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: How They Differ

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, and mutual funds are both investment products that represent a basket or collection of securities.”They provide investors access to underlying investments, like stocks or bonds, and generally provide more diversification than a single stock or bond,” said Wendy Liebowitz, vice president and branch leader at Fidelity Investments. However, there are a […]

Should I Cash Out of Mutual Funds to Pay Off Debt?

If you have some money invested in mutual funds, using them to pay off debt may seem like an attractive option. You may assume that you’ll get more benefit from using the money that you’ve invested to eliminate debt (and the associated high interest rates). But cashing in your mutual funds may not be the […]

Curious About Crypto? Here’s What 10 Financial Experts Think

Everyday investors are overflowing with cryptocurrency questions, according to the financial advisors hired to answer them. There is clearly an “emotional euphoria that seems to be sweeping through the public around cryptocurrency,” says Frederick Stanfield, a CFP with Lifewater Wealth Management in Atlanta, Georgia. But for the average person focused on retirement planning and financial […]

Investment Giant Fidelity Will Let Your Teen Trade Stocks—For Free

As interest in the stock market grows and equities continue to soar, investment giant Fidelity said Tuesday that it will launch new investing accounts just for teens. The offerings for 13- to 17-year-olds—limited to those teenagers whose parents or guardians also invest with Fidelity—will include ways to save and deposit money, a debit card and […]