4 Strategies To Improve Your Website’s Mobile Version

getty More than 75% of people around the world use a smartphone, so it’s no wonder that website designers have grown increasingly concerned with mobile optimization in recent years. Mobile web design is essential since most businesses are discovered through online searches now. But what does it mean to have an effective mobile webpage, and […]

7 Key Steps To a Growth Strategy That Works Immediately

If only half of startups survive more than five years and only one-third make it to 10, what’s the one thing you could do to ensure your company is sustainable? The answer is to create a growth strategy for your business, of course. A growth strategy involves more than simply envisioning long-term success. If you […]

10 Ways to Lower the Cancer Risk of Grilling

Many people would be surprised to hear that grilling carries potential cancer risks. But each year, the American Institute for Cancer Research publishes guidance for “cancer-safe grilling,” cautioning consumers to avoid two types of compounds that have been tied to cancer. These compounds, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines, get generated when food, especially […]

This Is Where We’re Most at Risk From Toxic Microplastics

Australians are eating and inhaling significant numbers of tiny plastics at home, our new research shows. These “microplastics”, which are derived from petrochemicals extracted from oil and gas products, are settling in dust around the house. Some of these particles are toxic to humans — they can carry carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals, meaning they potentially […]

War-Fueled Global Hunger Catastrophe On The Way With Solutions Tough To Come By

Tens of millions of people, from Europe to Asia, Africa to the Middle East, are expected to go hungry this year due to a grim combination of factors made significantly worse by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine. The conflict, which involves two countries that together produce nearly one-third of the world’s wheat, […]