Cyber Certifications Have Failed. How to Build and Prove Cyber Skills

Despite years of security awareness training, almost half of organizations say their employees would … [+]..SHUTTERSTOCK With the rapid advancements of generative AI and evolving threat landscape, the job of cybersecurity has never been harder, and the pressure to protect organizations has never been greater. With the likelihood of a breach being a matter of […]

When Staff Doesn’t ‘Like’ a Volunteer

Photo by Pixabay on Mimi talks. A lot. About herself, about her trips, and about her grandchildren. She talks about the cashier at the grocery store who had surgery last month and now is having some pain in her side. It’s all harmless chatter, but staff roll their eyes and avoid Mimi when she […]

Why Those Working Remotely Are Heading For The Tragedy Of The Commons

Getty Images There is no doubt that remote or virtual work is more efficient for white collar workers. And it may be more effective in some cases. But the tragedy of the commons may be coming into play with organizations that encourage individual remote or virtual work giving up their common culture. The efficiencies of […]

Digital Transformation As A Service Is Poised To Drive Enterprise Growth

Patients and visitors in Huzhou Central Hospital: Lenovo worked with the facility, which houses 1,500 beds and has an outpatient capacity of 6,000, to build a digital solution to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses of chronic diseases. Source: Perkins&Will. Organizations are partnering with tech providers to build end-to-end solutions, encompassing strategic planning, systems […]

Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Here’s How Companies Are Approaching Cloud Storage

Christina @ on Unsplash Your data is the most valuable commodity your company has and at this very moment, thieves are plotting to steal it away from you. The rise of cloud storage means that businesses can access files and documents from nearly anywhere at any time, but there are several different types of […]