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What Does WordPress Editor include:Access to 24 WordPress Plugins to Edit,Access to 19 WordPress Themes to Edit, Unique Online App WordPress Editor Works on Any Device,10 Different Methods to Monetize Your Products, Tutorials on How to Use the App, Full After Sale Support.The business opportunities that this system provides are nearly endless. It allows you to enhance and widen any business model related to WordPress. This is a dream come true for any WordPress entrepreneur who is trying to start or expand a business without huge risks. You can use this to create a freebie to create a list or promote video channels or blogs. You can expand your brand awareness by Editing free wordpress themes and plugins from WordPress.Org or your licensed wordpress themes and plugins .WordPress Editor can take any WordPress plugin or theme zip file and apply the following changes: Plugins: Plugin Name, Plugin URI, Version, Description, Author, Author URI, Text Domain, Domain Path, Network, Title, Author Name, Add Pages.Themes: Theme Name, Theme URI, Description, Author, Author URI, Version and Tags.

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