GMB Local Business Directory A Free Business Listing From Google

GMB Listing is a free business listing from Google. It allows you to provide details and photos of your business, including your location, services, and products. Creating this free profile is a great way to increase your visibility across Google services. Information from your Google Business Profile may appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and […]

Top 5 Security Hacks to Defend Your Crypto Wallet!

RWaltz Blockchain Solutions Experts With a massive number of cryptocurrencies exploding in the market, crypto wallet application adoption is also rising at a faster pace. With the technological revolution, hackers have also fine-tuned their hacking methods and have now grown up smarter to hack your crypto wallets. Generally, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company offers multi-layer security […]

Profanity May Be The Cause Of Crypto Trading Firm Wintermute’s $160 Million Hack

Wintermute, a London-based cryptocurrency firm that trades billions of dollars’ worth of digital assets daily, lost $160 million in a hack early on Tuesday. Founder and CEO Evgeny Gaevoy says he learned of the hack a few minutes after it took place, around 6:00 AM London time. An hour later, he announced the theft on […]

What Is Digital Real Estate? Five Things You Need To Know

When you search in “What is digital real estate” into google, you’re likely going to find guides to obtaining older versions of digital real estate such as domain names, websites, and URLs’. And this wouldn’t be wrong, as these are still types of digital property that can be bought and sold for a profit. But, […]

The World Meteorological Organization Has No Immediate Plans To Name Heatwaves

As extreme heat stifles communities around the world this week, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said that it has “no immediate plans” to give heatwaves names. The July 19th announcement seems to pump the brakes on growing calls to come up with a strategy for ranking and naming heatwaves around the world. In the US, […]