Purple Vault Mailer

Stephane welcome you to the bank of mailing credits. As you enter our secret basement, you will notice lots of safe deposit boxes and you can’t miss our big purple vault.

Every time you click an email link, you will open a safe deposit box and be rewarded with credits and maybe even a digit from the combination required to unlock the vault.

You have until Monday morning each week to find all the combination digits and open the vault to claim your weekly prize or the depositors will be back to fill up the safe deposit boxes and reset the vault combination.

We have added a little fun into the chore of clicking emails and here as you click them you open safe deposit boxes. These not only contain credits but can alsocontain part of the combination to the Purple Vault.

By unlocking the purple vault before the weekis out means a huge prize for you. Fail and it will all reset next week. So head on over now and have a look at this fun traffic generator.



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