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Every website no matter how old , nor how careful you are suffers from 404 (Broken Link Errors). This can be from affiliate offers you have promoted in the past. Banners you display on your website, or simply pages you have deleted because you no longer need them.

As a website owner you should be registered with webmaster tools like “Google Webmaster Tools”, these support sites will notify you when your website has broken links on it, then you know your website is in need of some maintenance.

But, what happens when other website owners link back to your site and they have got it wrong!

This is where your normally inbound traffic that was trying to visit your site see a 404 Error, and instead of bouncing off your website they are now redirected to your sales page or affiliate offer .

Now, What If You Are A Brand New Website And Do Not Have Any Traffic?…

I can show you how to “Set & Forget” your new website so you can then receive traffic (new leads) day in and day out, without you ever having to do another thing (like: link building, Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, Article Marketing, Press Releases, Video Marketing, the list goes on and on).

You will not need any extra software, special programming skills or the need to over hear a Guru telling his mate at a coffee shop anything to actually start making money online.



Then what follows is simply amazing, day in and day out, traffic arrives. Sale after sale start to appear, remembering many little payments  still equals enough money for you to quit your day job!

Each day you start to get more and more traffic to your offers, this also increases each day the site gets older and older.


You’ll discover How to get targeted website visitors within 7 days, How to structure your website for continuous success,  How to Master Video Marketing, Press Releases, Returning Visitors plus so much more!

Matthew Lee
SEO Specialist for SEO ZILLA

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