Here Are The Top 23 Companies To Work From Home

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Do you want to work from home?

Here are 23 companies that consistently offer remote job opportunities.

Remote Work: The Breakdown

Each year, Flexjobs ranks the Top 100 companies that offer remote work. Flexjobs says that 23 companies have ranked in the Top 100 for each of the last six years. These companies offer jobs across several industries, including technology, health care, sales, travel, hospitality, education and training.

When it comes to remote jobs, there are several types to consider:

  • 100% remote work: you always work from home
  • partial remote work: you sometimes work from home
  • option for remote work: you may be able to work from home

Remote work doesn’t necessarily mean you take calls in your pajamas and watch television anytime you don’t have a conference call. You’ll be expected to perform at the same standards of excellence as all your colleagues back at headquarters.

How do you know if a remote job is right for you? There are several criteria to consider:

  • You prefer the flexibility to work from home.
  • You may have children or dependents who require you to be at home.
  • You prefer not to commute to an office.
  • You may be more productive working by yourself.

While allure of working from home may seem appealing, there are issues to consider:

  • You may feel disconnected from the company culture.
  • Your colleagues may perceive that you work less than they do.
  • Your colleagues and team leaders may think you are always available since you “work from home.”
  • You may find collaboration with colleagues to be more challenging.

Top 23 Companies For Remote Work

If you decide that remote work makes sense for you, here are 23 companies that consistently hire for remote jobs and have demonstrated a commitment to workplace flexibility:

1. Appen

Overview: Appen is a technology services company.

Sample Jobs: social media evaluator, search engine evaluator, linguist and voice data collector.

2. Kelly ServicesOverview: Kelly Services has been a leader in workforce and staffing solutions, including remote hiring.

Sample Jobs: technical support representative, contracts specialist, and quality assurance tester.

3. UnitedHealth GroupOverview: The diversified healthcare services provided by UnitedHealth Group encompass insurance, healthcare benefits, and technology-based health services.

Sample Jobs: Medicaid care advocate, data science support engineer and community-based case manager.

4. DellOverview: Dell is a global computer and software company.

Sample Jobs: sales compensation analyst, product specialist and senior systems engineer.

5. BCD TravelOverview: BCD Travel is a global travel management company offering travel consulting and services to companies, organizations and individuals.

Sample Jobs: senior corporate travel consultant, Big Data engineer and financial analyst.

6. AnthemOverview: The healthcare services provided by Anthem reach more than 73 million people across the U.S.

Sample Jobs: network management consultant, behavioral health medical director and provider contract specialist.

7. KaplanOverview: Kaplan is a for-profit educational company offering K-12 programs, online higher education, professional training and test preparation.

Sample Jobs: SAT prep instructor, MCAT prep instructor and ACT prep instructor.

8. SAPOverview: SAP provides a range of enterprise software and services, including data and IT management, to clients worldwide.

Sample Jobs: UX/UI architect, enterprise cloud technical lead and senior customer engagement executive.

9. K12Overview: An online educational company, K12 provides learning programs and solutions for youth in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Sample Jobs: high school Spanish teacher, PE/health teacher and special education paraprofessional.

10. ADPOverview: ADP is a global provider of business outsourcing and human capital management, including human resource and talent management, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions.

Sample Jobs: senior application developer, talent acquisition sourcer and client relationship manager.

11. HumanaOverview: Nearly 14 million people use the health, wellness, and insurance products offered by Humana, one of the nation’s largest insurance providers.

Sample Jobs: As an employer, Humana recently offered remote jobs such as medical sales representative, mail operations pharmacy technician, and senior pharmacy sales executive.

12. PearsonOverview: An international learning company, Pearson offers content, tools, products, and services for educators and students worldwide.

Sample Jobs: technology adjunct teacher, special ed operations consultant and elementary teacher.

13. VMwareOverview: VMware is a global software company and subsidiary of Dell that specializes in cloud and virtualization software and services.

Sample Jobs: senior systems engineering manager, PSO consultant – cloud and technical project manager.

14. EXLOverview: EXL provides solutions that help companies streamline operations, prepare for change and create opportunities for growth.

Sample Jobs: commercial insurance inspector, pivot auditor and premium auditor.

15. SalesforceOverview: Salesforce is a technology company offering customer relationship platforms and solutions designed to help organizations connect with customers.

Sample Jobs: senior front-end software engineer; account executive (public sector) and strategic account manager.

16. PAREXELOverview: PAREXEL is a global biopharmaceutical services company that serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Sample Jobs: clinical research associate, clinical site manager and principal consultant.

17. Grand Canyon University Overview: Grand Canyon University is a faith-based institution of higher learning offering both campus-based and online undergraduate and graduate programs.

Sample Jobs: elementary student teacher supervisor; adjunct instructor, probability and statistics; and adjunct instructor, enterprise security.

18. SodexoOverview: Sodexo is a leading hospitality company that serves markets including sports and leisure, corporate education, healthcare and government organizations.

Sample Jobs: project manager; director, strategic account development; and human resources manager.

19. CVS HealthOverview: One of the nation’s leading healthcare companies, CVS Health manages more than 9,500 pharmacy stores and fills more than 1 billion prescriptions a year.

Sample Jobs: account manager, regional pharmacy auditor and pharmacist/clinical advisor.

20. XeroxOverview: A longtime leader of document technology and business support services, Xerox provides business services and document management products and solutions.

Sample Jobs: Recent job titles at Xerox with remote options include information manager – real estate, production sales specialist and field service technician.

21. Western Governors University – WGUOverview: Western Governors University is a leading accredited online university serving more than 40,000 students nationwide.

Sample Jobs: physical science course instructor, business/accounting evaluation faculty and course instructor – secondary education.

22. American ExpressOverview: American Express is a global financial service company.

Sample Jobs: senior account executive, customer care professional and executive administrative assistant.

23. HD SupplyOverview: HD is a leading wholesale distribution company.

Sample Jobs: field sales representative, installation field project manager and field sales supervisor.

Zack Friedman is Founder & CEO of Make Lemonade, a personal finance comparison site. Read his Forbes columns. Contact Zack for speaking engagements.

Source: Here Are The Top 23 Companies To Work From Home


Quit Your Job: 5 Countries Where You Can Live For Under $1,500 A Month – Laura Begley Bloom


More Americans than ever are quitting their jobs and moving abroad or retiring overseas — 8.7 million, to be exact, according to State Department figures. And one of the biggest driving factors is the lower cost of living in other countries.

The editors at International Living recently came out with a list of the five best places where a couple can live on under $30,000 a year, or $2,500 a month. And guess what? If you’re single, it’s even cheaper. Take Cambodia, where you can live comfortably for just $1,150 a month. The most expensive place on the list — which spanned from Southeast Asia to Europe to Latin America — came in at just $1,500 a month for a single person.



Why It’s Great: For the third year in a row, affordable and exotic Cambodia claimed the top spot in the cost-of-living category of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index. “Cambodia may be far away, but that’s arguably the only downside. This is a place where you can instantly upgrade your lifestyle while you slash your cost of living,” says Jennifer Stevens, executive editor of International Living.


Top Spot: The place to be? Phnom Penh. “French colonial buildings, wide leafy boulevards, gilded pagodas and palaces — it’s beautiful,” says Stevens. “And it’s also a great jumping-off point for exploring the region.” There is a cool local vibe in Phnom Penh, with its vibrant arts community and chic shops. And there’s nothing like going to the street corner in the morning to grab a fresh coconut and a newspaper.

The Cost: While the cost of living in Cambodia may be one of the lowest in the world, the standard of living is high. In Phnom Penh, you can find a one-bedroom, one-bathroom rental apartment with a balcony in the center of the city for a mere $250 per month. Utilities (water, electricity, garbage, cooking gas, drinking water) average around $80 to $100 a month. Dinner at a high-quality international restaurant costs $10 a person. And $200 a month will keep your fridge filled with food, fresh fruit and vegetables. A single person can live here for $1,150 a month — or less. A couple can live well on a monthly budget of $2,000.


Why It’s Great: Panama draws a thriving international business community as well as expats who are attracted to its cities, beaches and ease of living. The currency is the U.S. dollar, and there are many English speakers, as well as a well-trained medical community. Plus, it’s convenient: The international airport offers direct connections to many other parts of the world.

Los Destiladeros Beach in Pedasi, Panama. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

Top Spot: At the tip of the Azuero Peninsula, Pedasí is a small fishing town about a five-hour drive from Panama City.  “For tranquil, rural living and ocean breezes, lazy Pedasí on Panama’s Pacific is worth a visit,” says Stevens. “It’s relatively remote, but the small English-speaking community has a very friendly reputation and for beachside living, you’d be hard-pressed to beat this surf-town’s low prices.”

The Cost: The cost of living is a big attraction in all of Panama and especially in Pedasí. You can eat lunch out for $3 to $7 per person and dinner for $6 to $12 per person. A beer is $1 to $2 a bottle, car insurance is just $600 a year and you can hire a housekeeper for just $15 for a half day and handymen to help with your home for $5 an hour. A single person can live on a modest budget of $1,391 in Pedasí, while a couple can live on as little as $1,665 a month.

Looking over Cuenca’s UNESCO-protected historical center and its surrounding mountains with a view of the towers of the Santo Domingo Church. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)


Why It’s Great: What’s your dream destination? Whether you’re in search of an unspoiled beach town, a bustling city or a quiet mountain village, you’ll find it in Ecuador. Plus, as part of the Land of Eternal Spring, you’ll enjoy good weather year-round.

A view of a street in Cuenca, Ecuador. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

Top Spot: Looking for sophisticated living on a budget? You should have the colonial city of Cuenca at the top of your list. Cuenca is Ecuador’s third-largest city and one of the country’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. “Cuenca is rich with parks people really use, centuries-old churches, lots of restaurants and a seemingly endless supply of symphony, theater, dance and music offerings — often free,” says Stevens. “You can live right in the heart of the city center and it’s an easy place to get around without a car.”

The Cost: Living in Cuenca costs about 25% of what it costs in some parts of the United States. A single person can live on $1,440 per month, while a couple can expect to spend $1,680 per month, excluding travel. Real estate is affordable. Think: just $500 a month for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in the Puertas del Sol neighborhood. You don’t really need a car here: You can grab a taxi for just $3.50 or take a bus to neighboring cities for just $2.

A beautiful coastline with cliffs and sandy beach in Algarve, Portugal. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)


Why It’s Great: “Long an under-the-radar destination for Americans, Portugal’s low costs, rich culture, slow pace, historic towns, warm weather and varied landscapes are attracting more U.S. retirees — and with reason: It’s home to the best-value living in Western Europe today,” says Stevens.

A public garden in Mafra village near Lisbon, Portugal. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

Top Spot: One of the best places to move is low-key Mafra, located 21 miles northwest of Lisbon and 15 minutes from the breathtaking surfing beaches of Ericeira. The village has white-washed houses, narrow cobbled streets, tons of cafés and bars, as well as a wealth of outdoor activities. Next to one of the country’s largest national palaces is a huge park called the Jardim. In the former royal hunting grounds, Tapada de Mafra, you can go hiking and mountain biking.

The Cost: According to International Living, prices are low. You can expect to pay $5 for a fast-food snack, about $7 a person for a meal in a cheap restaurant and $10 in a midrange restaurant. At the grocery store, a half liter bottle of local beer is $1 and a bottle of nice wine is $4. Taxis start at about $4. Rent is attractive, too. A two-story home with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a four-car garage and a small guest house, all within walking distance of the center of town, can be had for just $1,000 per month. A single’s budget for Mafra is $1,465 a month. A couple can live well in Mafra on a monthly budget of $2,034.

Sunrise on a beach in Costa Rica. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

Costa Rica

Why It’s Great: This country won top honors as International Living’s 2018 best place in the world to retire. “Costa Rica is a safe, good-value, beautiful country that offers a wide variety of climates and lifestyles amid what is really a natural wonderland,” says Stevens.

How about a house overlooking Lake Arenal, Costa Rica? (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

Top Spot: Where to live? Not far from the capital of San José, Costa Rica’s Central Valley is home to about two-thirds of the country’s population and is a flashback to a simpler era. “Quiet, lushly green, eco-friendly and long a haven for Americans seeking spring-like weather year-round, the villages scattered through Costa Rica’s Central Valley represent excellent bang for your buck,” says Stevens. Some of the most popular towns for foreigners include Grecia, Atenas, San Ramon, Sarchi, Escazu, Santa Ana, Puriscal and Ciudad Colon. Another draw is that expats can live comfortably alongside Costa Ricans. There are safe residential communities, excellent medical facilities, great restaurants and plenty of natural wonders — volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, forests.

The Cost: A single person can live on as little as $1,500 a month in the Central Valley, though you could get by on considerably less. A couple can live well on $2,000 a month. Also part of its appeal: “The healthcare in Costa Rica is top notch and low priced, and from this area it’s easy to access, too,” says Stevens.

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