10 Ways To Distribute One Piece of Content (Besides Social Shares)

Long gone are the days of the old publish-and-pray method of content distribution. And even if it ever did work — it was far from effective. Today, planning the actual distribution of the content you’ve spent so many hours and resources expertly creating is just as critical to your marketing strategy as the quality of the content itself.

Unfortunately — for audiences and marketers alike — too many would-be content marketing rockstars give themselves a nice pat on the back for sharing content on Twitter and Facebook and calling it a day. So before you toast to your status as a progressive marketer who also publishes on LinkedIn and posts on Reddit, consider this: There are dozens, if not hundreds, of methods for content distribution beyond social that you might be overlooking.

But we’re not about to leave you empty-handed. Below you’ll find 10 creative ways to distribute your content — with a little bit of background to set the stage.

The Content Distribution Strategy Experiment

A few months ago, my team — the marketing department at Influence & Co. — sat down for a meeting to accomplish one mission: to come up with more than 50 ways to distribute one piece of content, which was our latest industry research report, “The State of Digital Media.”

We spent a lot of time surveying editors. We analyzed millions of pieces of published content and pored over the results, before we created, designed, and edited this report. We knew our findings were valuable to our audience, so the last thing we wanted to do was publish this report, share it on Twitter a few times, and let it collect dust.

So we gave ourselves one hour, four cups of coffee, and a huge whiteboard — and got to work brainstorming creative ways to distribute this content.

First, we divided our distribution tactics into different categories, based on the departments they benefited, the goals they achieved, and the extra resources they required. For example, the tactics that leveraged our publication relationships would fall under marketing and sales enablement categories. Those with a more educational perspective, on the other hand, were a better fit for HR, because they complemented that department’s recruiting and training efforts.

With a whiteboard full of over 50 ideas, we began executing our new distribution strategy — and just four months after the launch of the report, we already saw impressive results. When we compared that to the performance of a whitepaper we previously published, we found that this experiment resulted in a nearly 150% increase in page views, and a nearly 40% increase in submissions.

To help you get more creative — and effective — in your content distribution, here are 10 unique ways to distribute content, broken down by department.

10 Ways to Distribute Content Beyond Social Shares


As marketers, many of us frequently think about content distribution tactics that fit within — and give a boost to — our marketing goals. Among them are the obvious and necessary tactics like social sharing, but there are others that can help you achieve greater brand awareness, influencer relationships, industry leadership, audience engagement, and more.

1) Personalized emails

Segment your email list down to the exact audience that would benefit most from your piece of content. Write a custom email to each of these audience members to add a level of personalization to your message. Explain what the content is, and why you think he or she will enjoy it. Personalized emails have shown a 6.2% higher open rate than those that aren’t.

2) Guest posting

Write an article that discusses — in a non-promotional way — the key findings or points within your content, and send it to the editor of an online publication that reaches your target audience. But be strategic about it. Make sure the publication not only helps you achieve your own reach goals, but also, has something to gain by sharing your insights, from your particular brand.

3) Influencer outreach

Reach out to relevant influencers in your industry for quotes to include in your content, and send them the piece once it’s published for them to share with their networks. Remember, personalization plays a role here, too — being able to personalize and segment emails is one of the most effective tactics for about 50% of marketing influencers.

Sales Enablement

The Influence & Co. sales team uses content just about as much as — if not more than — our marketing department. Our reps use it at every stage of the buyer’s journey to educate, nurture, and engage leads, and overcome objections with prospective clients. Use one of these distribution methods to do the same for your team.

4) Follow-up emails

Encourage your sales team to include a link to your content in their follow-up emails to prospective clients, to answer their questions and position your company as a resource they can trust. Note: This tactic works best when the content you create is educational and addresses specific questions or concerns your leads have — and is actionable enough for them to immediately apply it to their own plans or strategies.

5) Lead interviews

Work with your sales reps to identify prospective clients you can interview for your content. Include a quote in your content, and share it with them once it’s published. Not only can that keep your leads engaged over time, but they’ll appreciate the opportunity to be featured — and you benefit from the additional exposure to their networks when the content is shared with that audience.

6) Proposal references

The best proposals are often supported with relevant data that corroborates the solutions you’re suggesting to a prospect. And while we suggest citing a variety of authentic, reliable sources — otherwise, you might look biased — referencing your own research content can be effective. Not only is it another way to distribute your work, but also, it illustrates the time and thought your company has invested in this school of thought.

That said, some prospective clients like proposals to be brief. In these cases, if you preemptively anticipate additional questions, you can amend your proposal with a link to the content as a source of further reading and information.

Client Retention

Marketers who overlook their current customers in favor of prospective ones risk missing out on a major opportunity. Keeping in touch with your current clients and helping your customer service teams do the same can have a positive impact on both the customer lifetime and the potential for referrals — so don’t forget these internal distribution methods.

7) Client drip campaigns

If your content is related to your clients’ respective industries, or products and services, sharing it with them can enhance your collaborations and further nurture that relationship. Remember, it’s called client retention for a reason — you want to continue being a valued resource and partner for your existing customers. Consider creating something like an email campaign that uses your content, to continually educate and engage your clients.

8) Email signatures

Encourage your customer service reps or account management teams to feature your content in their email signatures. That can help to keep those cornerstone pieces of content top of mind for both current and prospective clients each time they receive an email from someone on your team.


People want to work with trustworthy companies that are true leaders within their industries. Content can communicate expertise and build trust. In fact, we used content to hire more than 30 people in one year.

But for many teams, unfortunately, content is often most underutilized in the areas of employer branding and recruitment marketing. Take advantage of content in HR with these tactics.

9) Content-rich job listings

Include your content in job postings. HubSpot, for example, links to its Culture Code at the end of every job description. By providing educational content up front, applicants can gain a more comprehensive understanding of your industry and how your company approaches it — directly from you.

10) Interview materials

When a job candidate progresses to the next step in the hiring process, share your content with her prior to the following interview, and ask her to come prepared to discuss it. That helps to get your content in front of qualified people in your industry — plus, it gives you the chance to talk in-depth about the concepts and ideas behind your marketing strategy. Even better: It can help you weed out candidates who don’t follow directions.

Whatever tactics your team uses, the most important thing to remember is that content distribution shouldn’t be an afterthought. With the right distribution strategy in place from the beginning, your team can more effectively put your content to work for you, reach more of the right audiences, and drive results for your company.


By: Kelsey Meyer

Source: 10 Ways to Distribute One Piece of Content (Besides Social Shares)


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Is Google Dying? Or Did the Web Grow Up?

A few weeks in the past my home had a septic-tank emergency, which is as terrible because it sounds. As unspeakable issues started to burble up from my bathe drain, I did what any smartphone-dependent individual would: I frantically Googled one thing alongside the strains of poop coming from bathe drain dangerous what to do. I used to be met with a slew of cookie-cutter web sites, most of which appeared rapidly generated and had been choked with sufficient repetitive buzzwords as to be barely readable.

Virtually all the things I discovered was unhelpful, so we did the old school factor and known as an expert. The emergency got here and went, however I stored desirous about these middling search outcomes—how they typified a zombified web wasteland. Like many, I exploit Google to reply most of the mundane questions that pop up in my day-to-day life. And but that first web page of search outcomes feels prefer it’s been surfacing fewer satisfying solutions currently. I’m not alone; the frustration has develop into a persistent meme: that Google Search, what many contemplate an indispensable instrument of recent life, is useless or dying.

For the previous few years, throughout varied boards and social-media platforms, folks have been claiming in viral posts that Google’s flagship product is damaged. Search google dying on Twitter or Reddit and you’ll see folks grousing about it going again to the mid 2010s. Lately, although, the criticisms have grown louder. In February, an engineer named Dmitri Brereton wrote a weblog publish about Google’s search-engine decay, rounding up main theories for why the product’s “results have gone to shit.”

The publish rapidly shot to the prime of tech boards similar to Hacker News and was extensively shared on Twitter and even prompted a PR response from Google’s Search liaison, Danny Sullivan, refuting one among Brereton’s claims. “You said in the post that quotes don’t give exact matches. They really do. Honest,” Sullivan wrote in a series of tweets.

Brereton’s most intriguing argument for the demise of Google Search was that savvy customers of the platform not kind instinctive key phrases into the search bar and hit enter. The finest Googlers—the ones on the lookout for actionable or area of interest data, product critiques, and attention-grabbing discussions—know a cheat code to bypass the sea of company search outcomes clogging the prime third of the display. “Most of the web has become too inauthentic to trust,” Brereton argued, due to this fact “we resort to using Google, and appending the word ‘reddit’ to the end of our queries.”

Brereton cited Google Trends knowledge that present that persons are looking the phrase reddit on Google greater than ever earlier than. Instead of scrolling via lengthy posts plagued by pop-up adverts and paragraphs of barely coherent search engine optimization chum to get to a evaluation or a recipe, intelligent searchers received vigorous threads with testimonials from actual folks debating and interacting with each other. Most who use the Reddit hack are doing so for sensible causes, but it surely’s additionally a small act of protest—a technique to stick it to the Search Engine Optimization and Online Ad Industrial Complex and to aim to entry part of the web that feels freer and extra human.

Google has constructed wildly profitable cellular working methods, mapped the world, modified how we e mail and retailer pictures, and tried, with various success, to construct vehicles that drive themselves. This story, for instance, was researched, partly, via numerous Google Search queries and a few Google Chrome searching, written in a Google Doc, and filed to my editor through Gmail. Along the manner, the firm has collected an unfathomable quantity of information on billions of individuals (regularly unbeknownst to them)—however Google’s mother or father firm, Alphabet, remains to be primarily an promoting enterprise.

In 2020, the firm made $147 billion in income off adverts alone, which is roughly 80 p.c of its whole income. Most of the tech firm’s merchandise—Maps, Gmail—are Trojan horses for a gargantuan personalized-advertising enterprise, and Search is the one which began all of it. It is the fashionable template for what the know-how critic Shoshana Zuboff termed “surveillance capitalism.” The web has grown exponentially and Google has expanded with it, serving to usher in a few of the internet’s greediest, most extractive tendencies. But scale shouldn’t be all the time a blessing for know-how merchandise.

Are we wringing our fingers over nothing, or is Google a sufferer of its personal success, rendering its flagship product—Search—much less helpful? One can’t actually overstate the manner that Google Search, when it rolled out in 1997, modified how folks used the web. Before Google got here out with its purpose to crawl the complete internet and set up the world’s data, search engines like google and yahoo had been reasonably helpful at finest. And but, in the early days, there was far more search competitors than there may be now; Yahoo, Altavista, and Lycos had been common on-line locations.

But Google’s “PageRank” rating algorithm helped crack the downside. The algorithm counted and listed the quantity and high quality of hyperlinks that pointed to a given web site. Rather than use a easy key phrase match, PageRank figured that the finest outcomes can be web sites that had been linked to by many different high-quality web sites. The algorithm labored, and the Google of the late Nineteen Nineties appeared virtually magical: You typed in what you had been on the lookout for, and what you bought again felt not simply related however intuitive. The machine understood.

Most folks don’t want a historical past lesson to know that Google has modified; they really feel it. Try trying to find a product in your smartphone and also you’ll see that what was as soon as a small teal bar that includes one “sponsored link” is now a hard-to-decipher, multi-scroll slog, crammed with paid-product carousels; a number of paid-link adverts; the dreaded, algorithmically generated “People also ask” field; one other paid carousel; a sponsored “buying guide”; and a Maps widget exhibiting shops promoting merchandise close to your location. Once you’ve scrolled via that, a number of display lengths beneath, you’ll discover the unpaid search outcomes. Like a lot of the web in 2022, it feels monetized to dying, soulless, and exhausting.

There are every kind of theories for these ever-intrusive adverts. One is that the cost-per-click charges that Google costs advertisers are down, due to competitors from Facebook and Amazon (Google is rolling out bigger commerce-search advert widgets in response this 12 months) in addition to a slowdown in paid-search-result spending. Another problem could stem from cookie-tracking modifications that Google is implementing in response to privateness legal guidelines similar to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

For the previous two years, Google has been planning to take away third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. And although Google Search received’t be affected by the cookie ban, the glut of search adverts may be an try to recoup a few of the cash that Google stands to lose in the modifications to Chrome. If so, that is an instance of fixing one downside whereas creating one other. But after I instructed this to Google, the firm was unequivocal, arguing that “there is no connection” between Chrome’s plans to part out assist for third-party cookies and Search adverts.

The firm additionally stated that the variety of adverts it exhibits in search outcomes “has been capped for several years, and we have not made any changes.” Google claims that, “on average over the past four years, 80 percent of searches on Google haven’t had any ads at the top of search results.” Any hunt for solutions about Google’s Search algorithms will lead you into the world of search engine optimization consultants like Marie Haynes. Haynes is a marketing consultant who has been learning Google’s algorithms obsessively since 2008. Part of her job is to maintain up with each small change made by the firm’s engineers and public communication by Google’s Search-team weblog.

Companies that may divine the whims of Google’s continuously up to date algorithms are rewarded with coveted web page actual property. Ranking excessive means extra consideration, which theoretically means more cash. When Google introduced in October 2020 that it will start rolling out “passage indexing”—a brand new manner for the firm to drag out and rank discrete passages from web sites—Haynes tried to determine how it will change what folks finally see after they question.

Rather than reverse engineer posts to sound like bot-written babble, she and her workforce try to stability sustaining a web page’s integrity whereas additionally interesting to the algorithm. And although Google offers search engine optimization insiders with frequent updates, the firm’s Search algorithms are a black field (a commerce secret that it doesn’t need to give to rivals or to spammers who will use it to govern the product), which implies that realizing what sort of data Google will privilege takes a whole lot of educated guesswork and trial and error.

Haynes agrees that adverts’ presence on Search is worse than ever and the firm’s determination to prioritize its personal merchandise and options over natural outcomes is irritating. But she argues that Google’s flagship product has truly gotten higher and far more advanced over time. That complexity, she suggests, may be why looking feels totally different proper now. “We’re in this transition phase,” she advised me, noting that the firm has made vital developments in synthetic intelligence and machine studying to decipher consumer queries.

Those technical modifications have precipitated it to maneuver away from the PageRank paradigm. But these efforts, she instructed, are of their infancy and maybe nonetheless figuring out their kinks. In May 2021, Google introduced MUM (brief for Multitask Unified Model), a natural-language-processing know-how for Search that’s 1,000 instances extra highly effective than its predecessor.

“The AI attempts to understand not just what the searcher is typing, but what the searcher is trying to get at,” Haynes advised me. “It’s trying to understand the content inside pages and inside queries, and that will change the type of result people get.” Google’s concentrate on searcher intent may imply that when folks kind in key phrases, they’re not getting as many direct phrase matches. Instead, Google is attempting to scan the question, make which means from it, and floor pages that it thinks match that which means. Despite being a bit sci-fi and creepy, the shift may really feel like a lack of company for searchers.

Search used to really feel like a instrument that you simply managed, however Google could begin to behave extra like, effectively, an individual—a concierge that has its personal concepts and processes. The problematic results of elevated AI inference over time are simple to think about (whereas I used to be writing this text, a Google researcher went viral claiming he’d been positioned on administrative depart after notifying the firm that one among its AI chatbots—powered by totally different know-how—had develop into sentient, although the firm disagrees).

Google may use such know-how to proceed to steer folks away from their meant searches and towards its personal merchandise and paid adverts with higher frequency. Or, much less deviously, it may merely gently algorithmically nudge folks in sudden instructions. Imagine all the life selections that you simply make in a given 12 months primarily based on data you course of after Googling. This implies that the stakes of Google’s AI deciphering a searcher’s intent are excessive.

But a few of Google’s lifeless outcomes are made by people. Zach Verbit is aware of what it’s prefer to serve at the pleasure of Google’s Search algorithms. After school, Verbit took a freelance-writing gig with the HOTH, a advertising firm that makes a speciality of search-engine optimization. Verbit’s “soul crushing” job at the HOTH was to jot down weblog posts that might assist purchasers’ websites rank extremely. He spent hours composing listicles with titles like “10 Things to Do When Your Air-Conditioning Stopped Working.”

Verbit wrote posts that “sounded robotic or like they were written by somebody who’d just discovered language.” He needed to write as much as 10 posts a day on topics he knew nothing about. Quickly, he began repurposing previous posts for different purchasers’ blogs. “Those posts that sound like an AI wrote them? Sometimes they’re from real people trying to jam in as many keywords as possible,” Verbit advised me.

That his rapidly researched posts appeared excessive in search outcomes left him dispirited. He stop the job after a 12 months, describing the business of search-gaming as a home of playing cards. His time in the search engine optimization mines signaled to him the decline of Google Search, arguably the easiest, simplest, and most revolutionary product of the fashionable web. “The more I did the job, the more I realized that Google Search is completely useless now,” he stated.

HOTH’s CEO, Marc Hardgrove disputed the notion that its shopper weblog posts had been “over-optimized” for search engine optimization functions and that the firm discourages jargony posts as they don’t rank as excessive. “Overusing keywords and creating un-compelling content would be detrimental to our success as an SEO company, he wrote in an email. “That’s why The HOTH does not require, or even encourage, the writers we work with to overuse keywords into their blog posts to help with optimization.”

Google is nonetheless helpful for a lot of, however the tougher query is why its outcomes really feel extra sterile than they did 5 years in the past. Haynes’s principle is that that is the results of Google attempting to crack down on misinformation and low-quality content material—particularly round consequential search matters. In 2017, the firm began speaking publicly a couple of Search initiative known as EAT, which stands for “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.”

The firm has rolled out quite a few high quality rater pointers, which assist choose content material to find out authenticity. One such effort, titled Your Money or Your Life, applies rigorous requirements to any pages that present up when customers seek for medical or monetary data. “Take crypto,” Haynes defined. “It’s an area with a lot of fraud, so unless a site has a big presence around the web and Google gets the sense they’re known for expertise on that topic, it’ll be difficult to get them to rank.”

What this implies, although, is that Google’s outcomes on any matter deemed delicate sufficient will probably be from established sources. Medical queries are way more prone to return WebMD or Mayo Clinic pages, as a substitute of non-public testimonials. This, Haynes stated, is very difficult for folks on the lookout for homeopathic or alternative-medicine treatments. There’s a wierd irony to all of this. For years, researchers, technologists, politicians, and journalists have agonized and cautioned towards the wildness of the web and its penchant for amplifying conspiracy theories, divisive material, and flat-out false data.

Many folks, myself included, have argued for platforms to floor high quality, authoritative data above all else, even at the expense of revenue. And it’s potential that Google has, in some sense, listened (albeit after far an excessive amount of inaction) and, perhaps, partly succeeded in exhibiting higher-quality leads to a variety of contentious classes. But as a substitute of ushering in an period of excellent data, the modifications may be behind the complainers’ sense that Google Search has stopped delivering attention-grabbing outcomes.

In principle, we crave authoritative data, however authoritative data could be dry and boring. It reads extra like a authorities kind or a textbook than a novel. The web that many individuals know and love is the reverse—it’s messy, chaotic, unpredictable. It is exhausting, endless, and all the time just a little bit harmful. It is profoundly human. But it’s price remembering what that humanity appeared like inside search outcomes. Rand Fishkin, the founding father of the software program firm SparkToro, who has been writing and desirous about search since 2004, believes that Google has gotten higher at not amplifying conspiracy theories and hate speech, however that it took the firm far too lengthy.

“I don’t know if you searched for holocaust information between 2000 and 2008, but deniers routinely showed up in the top results,” he advised me. The similar was true for Sandy Hook hoaxers—in reality, campaigns from the Sandy Hook households to combat the conspiracy theories led to a few of the search engine’s modifications. “Whenever somebody says, ‘Hey, Google doesn’t feel as human anymore,’ all I can say is that I bet they don’t want a return to that,” Fishkin stated.

Google Search may be worse now as a result of, like a lot of the web, it has matured and has been ruthlessly commercialized. In an try to keep away from regulation and be corporate-friendly, elements of it may be much less wild. But a few of what feels useless or dying about Google may be our personal nostalgia for a smaller, much less mature web. Sullivan, the Search liaison, understands this eager for the previous, however advised me that what seems like a Google change can be the search engine responding to the evolution of the internet.

“Some of that blog-style content has migrated over time to closed forums or social media. Sometimes the blog post we’re hoping to find isn’t there.” Sullivan believes that a few of the latest frustrations with Google Search truly replicate simply how good it’s develop into. “We search for things today we didn’t imagine we could search for 15 years ago and we believe we’ll find exactly what we want,” he stated. “Our expectations have continued to grow. So we demand more of the tool.” It’s an attention-grabbing, albeit handy, response.

Google has rewired us, reworking the manner that we consider, course of, entry, and even conceive of knowledge. “I can’t live without that stuff as my brain is now conditioned to remember only snippets for Google to fill in,” one Reddit consumer wrote whereas discussing Brereton’s “Google Is Dying” publish. Similarly, Google customers form Search. “The younger generation searches really differently than I do,” Haynes advised me. “They basically speak to Google like it’s a person, whereas I do keyword searching, which is old-school.” But these quirks, tics, and ranging behaviors are simply knowledge for the search large.

When youthful generations intuitively begin speaking to Google prefer it’s an individual, the instrument begins to anticipate that and begins to behave like one (that is a part of the purpose behind the rise of humanized AI voice assistants). Fishkin argues that Google Search—and plenty of of Google’s different merchandise—can be higher with some competitors and that Search’s high quality improved the most from 1998 to 2007, which he attributes to the firm’s must compete for market share. “Since then,” he stated, “Google’s biggest search innovation has been to put more Google products up front in results.”

He argues that this technique has truly led to a slew of underwhelming Google merchandise. “Are Google Flights or Google Weather or Google’s stocks widget better than competitors? No, but nobody can really compete thanks to the Search monopoly.” “Is Google Search dying?” is a frivolous query. We care about Search’s destiny on a sensible stage—it’s nonetheless a major technique to faucet into the web’s promise of limitless data on demand. But I believe we additionally care on an existential stage—as a result of Google’s first product is a placeholder to discover our hopes and fears about know-how’s place in our life.

We yearn for extra comfort, extra innovation, extra chance. But after we get it, usually we are able to solely see what we’ve misplaced in the course of. That loss is actual and deeply felt. It’s like shedding a bit of our humanity. Search, due to its utility, is much more fraught. Most folks don’t need their data mediated by bloated, monopolistic, surveilling tech firms, however additionally they don’t need to go all the manner again to a time earlier than them. What we actually need is one thing in between. The evolution of Google Search is unsettling as a result of it appears to recommend that, on the web we’ve constructed, there’s little or no room for equilibrium or compromise.

By: James Crugnale

Source: http://theatlantic.com

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Reddit revealed on Wednesday night that it has filed for an IPO, news that comes a few months after Reuters reported the company was planning a Wall Street debut at a potential $15 billion valuation.

The filing will remain confidential for now, and details on the planned listing are scarce. But we don’t need the details to know that this will be a closely watched and long-awaited debut for a company that’s been a fixture in venture capital circles since the second Bush administration.

After 16 years and more than $1.3 billion in funding as a private company, Reddit will finally join fellow social media giants like Twitter, Snap and Pinterest as a public one. And after a year in which the /r/WallStreetBets subreddit became a phenomenon and helped spur a frenzy of retail trading, Reddit will soon join that frenzy itself.

There won’t be many notable IPOs between now and the end of the year. But the pipeline for 2022 is looking packed. And it filled up even more this week, as Reddit wasn’t the only major name to make moves toward the public market.

Famed private equity firm TPG also filed for an IPO, this time with a prospectus that’s publicly available. The document shows how the firm has continued to build on an already impressive base in recent years, growing its assets under management from $60 billion in 2016 to $109 billion at the end of this September.

It now has five distinct investment platforms with at least $10 billion in AUM, including $52.6 billion in its flagship TPG Capital buyout business, an array of offerings that demonstrates how the private equity industry has matured since TPG got its start in 1992.

Speculation has swirled for years that TPG might make the move from private firm to public entity, following in the footsteps of rivals like Blackstone (which went public in 2007), KKR (2010) and The Carlyle Group (2012). The recent performance of those firms is surely one reason TPG decided to take the leap. Private equity stocks have soared this year, with a huge volume of deals driving huge profits. Carlyle stock is up 67% since the beginning of January, while KKR is up 81%.

It’s a trend that’s already caused a few different private equity investors to go public on the other side of the Atlantic. The U.K.’s Bridgepoint and France’s Antin Infrastructure Partners both conducted IPOs earlier this year. Goldman Sachs, meanwhile, conducted a listing in London for its Petershill Partners unit, which holds minority GP stakes in more than a dozen other private equity firms.TPG appears to be next in line.

This one might be farther in the distance, but delivery startup Gopuff has begun planning an IPO of its own that could occur in the second half of 2022, according to Bloomberg. To call the company’s recent growth explosive would be to undersell it: Gopuff was valued at $190 million in 2017, $1 billion in 2018, $2.2 billion in 2019, $3.9 billion in 2020 and $15 billion with a new round of funding this July, per PitchBook.

And that number could continue to shoot up. Axios reported this week that Gopuff issued a $1.5 billion convertible note led by Guggenheim Partners that could value the company at as much as $40 billion.

Based in Philadelphia, Gopuff is a different kind of delivery company than the likes of DoorDash and Instacart, relying on a network of hundreds of its own small fulfillment centers to house goods rather than buying from other restaurants and grocery stores. But Gopuff has benefited from changing consumer tastes amid the pandemic in the same ways that DoorDash and Instacart have—which goes a long way toward explaining its new status as one of America’s most valuable startups.

The broader IPO market has cooled down in recent weeks from its prior incendiary state, with fewer listings going off and fewer enormous first-week gains. But dealmakers across the financial industry expect things to heat back up in 2022. And the planned listings of Reddit, TPG and Gopuff will only add fuel to the fire.

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Source: Reddit, TPG And Gopuff Join The IPO Pipeline


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Want To Delete Yourself From The Internet? 6 Ways To Get Personal Information Off The Web

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely your personal information is available to the public. And by “public” I mean everyone everywhere. So, how can deleting yourself from the internet stop companies from getting a hold of your info? Short answer: It can’t.

Unfortunately, you can never completely remove yourself from the internet, but there are ways to minimize your digital footprint, which would lower the chances of your personal data getting out there. Here are some ways to do that. We’ll update these tips periodically.

Be forewarned, however: Removing your information from the internet, as I’ve outlined below, could adversely affect your ability to communicate with potential employers.

1. Delete or deactivate your shopping, social media and web service accounts

Think about which networks you have social media profiles on. Aside from the big ones (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), do you still have old accounts on sites like Tumblr? MySpace? What about your Reddit account? Which shopping sites have you registered on? Common ones might include information stored on Amazon, Gap.com, Macys.com and others.

To get rid of these accounts, go to your account settings and look for an option to either deactivate, remove or close your account. Depending on the account, you may find it under Privacy or Security, or something similar.

If you’re having trouble with a particular online account, try searching online for “How to delete,” followed by the name of the account you wish to delete. You should be able to find some instruction on how to delete that particular account. (Here’s how to permanently delete your Facebook account without losing your photos.)

If for some reason there are any undeletable accounts, change the info in the account to something other than your actual info. Something fake or completely random.

2. Remove yourself from data collection sites

There are companies out there that collect your information. They’re called data brokers, and they have names like Spokeo, Whitepages.com, PeopleFinder, as well as plenty of others. They collect data from everything you do online and then sell that data to interested parties, mostly in order to more specifically advertise to you and sell stuff.

Now you could search for yourself on these sites and then deal with each site individually to get your name removed. Problem is, the procedure for opting out from each site is different and sometimes involves sending faxes and filling out actual physical paperwork. Physical. Paperwork. What year is this, again?

Anyway, an easier way to do it is to use a service like DeleteMe at joindeletme.comFor just $129/year, the service will jump through all those monotonous hoops for you. It’ll even check back every few months to make sure your name hasn’t been re-added to these sites.

Be warned: If you remove yourself from these data broker sites, you’ll also mostly remove yourself from Google search results, therefore making it much harder for people to find you. DeleteMe also gives you a set of DIY guides on how to remove yourself from each individual data broker if you’d like to do the process yourself.

3. Remove your info directly from websites

First, check with your phone company or cell provider to make sure you aren’t listed online and have them remove your name if you are.

If you want to remove an old forum post or an old embarrassing blog you wrote back in the day, you’ll have to contact the webmaster of those sites individually. You can either look at the About us or Contacts section of the site to find the right person to contact or go to www.whois.com and search for the domain name you wish to contact. There you should find information on who exactly to contact.

Unfortunately, private website operators are under no obligation to remove your posts. So, when contacting these sites be polite and clearly state why you want the post removed. Hopefully they’ll actually follow through and remove it.

If they don’t, tip No. 4 is a less effective, but viable option.

4. Remove personal info from websites

If someone’s posted sensitive information of yours such as a Social Security number or a bank account number and the webmaster of the site where it was posted won’t remove it, you can send a legal removal request to Google to have it removed.

The removal process could take some time, and there’s no guarantee it’ll be successful, but it’s also your best recourse if you find yourself in this vulnerable situation.

5. Remove outdated search results

Let’s say there’s a webpage with information about you on it you’d like to get rid of — like your former employer’s staff page, months after you’ve changed jobs. You reach out to get them to update the page. They do, but when you Google your name, the page still shows up in your search results — even though your name isn’t anywhere to be found when you click the link. This means the old version of the page is cached on Google’s servers.

Here’s where this tool comes in. Submit the URL to Google in hopes it’ll update its servers, deleting the cached search result so you’re no longer associated with the page. There’s no guarantee Google will remove the cached info for reasons, but it’s worth a try to exorcise as much of your online presence as possible from the internet.

6. And finally, the last step you’ll want to take is to remove your email accounts

Depending on the type of email account you have, the number of steps this will take will vary. You’ll have to sign into your account and find the option to delete or close the account. Some accounts will stay open for a certain amount of time if you want to reactivate them.

An email address is necessary to complete the previous steps, so make sure this one is your last.

One last thing…

Remember to be patient when going through this process, and don’t expect to complete it in one day. You may also have to accept that there are some things you won’t be able to permanently delete from the internet.

Eric Franklin




Source: Want to delete yourself from the internet? 6 ways to get personal information off the web


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