Run Wild Mailer


RWM is a Viral List Builder that just Launched with cool new graphics and all the features we’ve come to see Where Traffic And Cash Run Wild!Now before we share some cool details about this program we need to let you know that they’ve decided to share their cash by paying you to join for free! I know that sounds wild, but it’s for real and pretty much guarantees a successful Launch.If they’re paying us to join then what do we have to lose? Especially when we can earn more $ in so many ways like Click4Cash, PTC, VTG, Zubee Coins, Icons, Email Click Rewards or when we refer new members who upgrade or purchase advertising.Huge opportunity if you ask me!By joining this program, you’ll immediately enjoy The Best In Viral List Builder Marketing!This new Viral List Builder not only provides you with all the advertising options your site needs, they also packed it with tons of features.Now here’s where it gets real good: Mail the list Every few days or every 23 Hours, Paid To Click, Click4Cash, 5-7 Second Timer, Monthly Bonus Credits, Earn Credits per click, Banner and Text Advertising, Spot light ads, Reset Mailer, Weekly¬† Jackpots,Downline Builder(s), Residual Income, Residual Credits,Downline Mailer, Viral Traffic Games, Collecting Zubee Coins, Emerald Hunter Game, Commissions, Commissions, Commissions, Plus more, more.. and MORE!




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