Samsung Galaxy S20: Everything We Know So Far [Updated]

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Codename – The Galaxy S20 range is known as Picasso. Why would Samsung name the phone after a great artist? Because the headline change will be to the camera. That said, its potential name change will also generate a lot of attention because Samsung has decided to change branding and call the Galaxy S11e the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S11 the Galaxy S20+ and is considering calling the Galaxy S10+ the Galaxy S20 Ultra. I discuss the pros and cons of the changes here.

Major Update: working with MySmartPrice, popular insider Ishan Agarwal has now leaked the full specifications for the Galaxy S20 range. I break these down in sections below, but highlights include their massive new screen sizes, increased battery capacities, and the biggest camera upgrades for generations. There’s a lot to be excited about here.

Camera – As you can see above, Samsung will equip the Galaxy S20 with a 48MP telephoto lens to the range. This is capable of 5x optical zoom and it will sit alongside a 48MP wide-angle lens, a ToF flight sensor and a massive 108MP primary camera on the Ultra model, which uses pixel binning technology to create one large 2.4μm pixel with a 12 megapixel final image size. This should lead to dramatic improvements in low light photography. It’s codename is the ‘ISOCELL Bright HM1’.

The final design of the Galaxy S20 camera has also been revealed by reliable insider OnLeaks, confirming a far more symmetrical camera layout than in early prototypes.

(Note: You can see a render of an earlier Galaxy S20 prototype in the Display section below)

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Display – As mentioned above, Samsung is significantly increasing screen sizes (which should be offset by the smaller bezels) with the new Galaxy S20 range. This is what you’ll get:

  • 6.2-inch Galaxy S20
  • 6.7-inch Galaxy S20+
  • 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra

01/18 Update: in a late shocker, new information by Xda Developers’ popular insider Max Weinbach, reveals Samsung will drop its iconic Edge display from the Galaxy S20 range. Expect a polarized reaction to this news and it is likely to be as much of a deal maker for some as a deal breaker for others. You can read my opinions on the change here.

Design –  The Galaxy Note 10 Plus already has a class-leading screen-to-body ratio but we know Galaxy S20 will push this even further by shrinking the front camera.

Performance – The Galaxy S20 will use Samsung’s newly unveiled Snapdragon 865 which has 20% faster graphics rendering than the Snapdragon 855 in the Galaxy S10 and 35% more power efficiency. There’s also upgraded LPDDR5 smartphone memory (30% faster, 30% more efficient).

Benchmarking leaks also strongly suggest the Galaxy S20 range will have a minimum of 12GB RAM with up to 16GB in the flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is a massive amount and lays down the gauntlet to Android rivals in 2020. Though Apple’s iPhone 12 performance looks set for even bigger gains.

Connectivity – The Snapdragon 865 has 5G baked in so it will come to every Galaxy S20 model. WiFi 6 will also come as standard and Samsung is retaining the microSD expansion slot (though not for the entry level Galaxy S20) The bad news: the headphone jack has gone, which is not surprising after it was ditched by the Galaxy Note 10.

Biometrics – Samsung is not expected to introduce a Face ID rival, but it will add a supersized Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy S20 which is 17x larger than the sensor used in the Galaxy S10 (making placement more instinctive). The sensor will also support two fingerprints at the same time which will deliver a significant increase in security which can be reserved for crucial moments, like the completion of financial transactions or logging into a banking app.

Battery Life – Another major upgrade. While 5G will consume more battery life, Samsung looks set to more than offset this with significant capacity upgrades

  • Galaxy S20 – 4,000 mAh (S10: 3,400 mAh)
  • Galaxy S20+: 4,500 mAh (S10+: 4,100 mAh)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: 5,000 mAh

45W ‘Super Fast’ charging is also expected to come as standard. But don’t expect the company’s potentially revolutionary graphene batteries to be ready for the Galaxy S20 range, though it could possibly launch late in the year.

Downsides – the Galaxy S20 looks set to have all the bad points of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus: for the S20 that means no microSD while every model will lose the headphone jack. XDA Developers has attained a hands-on video of a Galaxy S20 and it confirms the removal of the jack.

Release Date: Samsung has officially confirmed the Galaxy S20 will launch on February 11. The teaser image is also easily decoded: the first ‘A’ is the shape of the new Galaxy S20 rear camera hump (as the camera is the phone’s headline upgrade) and the second ‘A’ is the form factor of the new folding Galaxy smartphone (closed, because I understand it will have a clamshell design). You can read more about that phone here.

01/22 Update – Price: until now pricing for the Galaxy S20 range had been a tightly guarded secret but now a familiar (and highly reliable) source has shed light on what to expect. Popular leaker Max Weinberg has revealed Samsung will price its line-up between the following price points in Europe:

  • Galaxy S20 5G: €900-1000
  • Galaxy S20+ 5G: €1050-1100
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: €1300

Prices in Europe tend to be higher than the US as they include sales tax, so if Samsung can hit these price points for the 5G versions of these phones then it will represent a reduction compared to last year when the Galaxy S10+ started at $1,300.


After incremental upgrades in 2019, Samsung is going for it in 2020 and a big motivation is Apple’s plans for the iPhone 12. These include an upgraded design, 120Hz ProMotion displays, some incredible 3D camera tricks, the return of Touch ID and, potentially, the end of the Lightning port. Apple may also release as many as six new iPhone models.

Yes, 2020 is shaping up to be major year for smartphone fans.

Tip: I will keep this article updated as your one-stop-shop for Galaxy S20 news, so bookmark it. 

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Source: Samsung Galaxy S20: Everything We Know So Far [Updated]

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Huawei Beats Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S10+ In New Rating

Huawei is the company you can’t write off. Sure, it has problems with the U.S. government and its latest phone, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, is still awaiting a wide release outside China, but it still manages to achieve surprising things.

DXOMark is best known for its camera reviews, giving authoritative scores for, among other things, the photographic capabilities of smartphones.

Currently its top-ranking camera on a phone is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro which has a score of 121, never beaten and only equalled by the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium (which, incidentally should surely have won the award for snappiest name, no?). It won this award because the overall camera score beat the nearest contender, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, handsomely.

But that’s not the only surprise win Huawei has had in recent weeks.

DXOMark also conducts audio reviews, and Huawei has gained the very top score here, too.

Today In: Innovation
Apple Releases iOS 13.2.3: Another Unexpected Update With Vital Changes

Forbes David Phelan The Huawei Mate 20 X, a huge phone with a whopping 7.2in display, most recently updated to a 5G version, has beaten every other phone tested in this way by DXOMark.

The company said that the Huawei phone was released as a multimedia powerhouse, and it praised the phone extensively, comparing it favorably to phones including the latest Apple flagship, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

DXOMark said:

The Huawei Mate 20 X is the top scorer in our Audio tests of all the devices we’ve tested thus far, with its Overall score of 75 besting Samsung’s S10+ by ten points and the Note 10+ by 9. It is also the only Android phone we’ve tested that scored above Apple’s large-screen iPhone XS Max—although only by one point. The Mate 20 X did particularly well when playing back movies and music, achieving a substantially higher score for those use cases than any of the other phones we have tested. While still the top scorer among the Android devices we tested, its performance while gaming was less stellar, and behind both the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Okay, so it’s only just better than the latest iPhone, just one point, but it pretty conclusively beats the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

So, what does this mean?

Well, for a start, it confirms that Huawei phones are increasingly well-crafted and offer genuine standouts.

But perhaps it also shows Huawei to be ahead of the curve. Audio quality is only just becoming a thing, though several phone manufacturers, such as Nokia, for instance, have been boasting of their handsets’ sound capabilities for some time.

But with bigger screens, designed to let you watch video and play games, better audio becomes increasingly important.

Huawei’s skill is that as it improves the camera, screen, battery life and innovation levels on its phones, it’s not neglecting any part of the package, recognizing audio as an aspect that needs careful attention, too.

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Source: Huawei Beats Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S10+ In New Rating

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Samsung Taps Finablr To Enter The Cross-Border Payments Market

The cross border payments market is huge as people across the globe send money back and forth. Samsung Electronics America wants a piece of that $700 billion opportunity and just announced a new service to meet that end.

Dubbed Money Transfer, with the new feature U.S. customers of Samsung Pay can send cross border payments to 47 countries via Samsung’s digital wallet including India, Mexico, China, Philippines and major markets in Africa. Money Transfer will be rolled out to other markets in 2020. The South Korean consumer electronics company is teaming up with Travelex, a unit of UK payment platform Finablr to make this service a reality.

“There’s a huge need for consumers around the world to send money securely,” said Mehul Desai, Finablr CTO. “We want to reduce friction and bring more convenience.” According to Desai one of the big complaints about cross-border payments is the lack of transparency in terms of the fees associated with transferring money. Users don’t always know how much it costs to send money to family or friends outside of their home country.

With Money Transfer all of the fees and exchange rates are included upfront so customers know how much they are paying before they hit send. Desai said the fees will vary depending on the amount and where it’s being sent but can be as low $1.72. He declined to say how high the percentage could be other than its competitive with other industry players. Western Union, the leader in cross-border payments charges roughly 5% on average while fintech startup Remitly charges an average of 1.3%.

Today In: Money

Sending money internationally is made easy through Samsung Pay. Customers can use existing debit or credit cards registered with Samsung Pay to send money in most of the major currencies via Finablr’s global network. Recipients can have the money deposited into a bank or can choose to pick it up from a store.

Entering the cross-border payments market is a natural next step for Samsung Pay, which has been enabling digital payments since August of 2015. In order to get an edge over its first-place rival Apple Pay, it has to offer more. According to research firm Auriemma Group, as of last fall Apple Pay represented 77% of mobile wallet transactions. Samsung Pay was a distant second, accounting for 17% of digital payments. Part of the reason is Apple Pay was first to the market and as a result has enjoyed higher adoption rates than its rival.

“Our consumers are global and have friends and family around the world,” said Sang W. Ahn, Vice President & Division Head, Content & Services, Samsung Electronics America in a press release announcing the service. “Money Transfer is a first step in our vision to evolve Samsung Pay into a platform that makes users’ financial lives more convenient.”

In the cross-border payments market, Samsung Pay faces steep competition from the likes of Western Union, Remitly and fintech startups such as TransferWise. Western Union is constantly reinventing itself to ensure it remains relevant in the global money transfer market. It recently announced it’s expanding its real-time global payment services to include transfers from bank accounts and digital wallets in 17 countries. In June it forged an alliance with Visa in which Western Union will use Visa Direct, the real-time push payments platform to speed up money transfers.

Meanwhile, Remitly recently raised $200 million in venture funding, giving it a valuation of close to $1 billion. And Transferwise just launched a debit card in the U.S. that works in multiple currencies at once, enabling people to shop and send money globally.

Despite all that, Samsung and Finablr seem undeterred. They point to Finablr’s platform, international reach and 40 years of cross-border payments expertise, as reasons they will be winners. “Combining our industry-leading network and pioneering technology with Samsung’s leadership in the mobile device market, allows us to innovate at a scale that is unique in the US$127 trillion global cross-border payments market,” said Promoth Manghat, Group Chief Executive Officer at Finablr in prepared remarks. “This partnership advances our mission to meet the evolving needs of financial consumers and further strengthens our position as a partner of choice for global payments and technology companies.”

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Source: Samsung Taps Finablr To Enter The Cross-Border Payments Market

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An exciting milestone in #Finablr‘s journey. Special thanks to our Customers, partners and investors! #Collaboration #Innovation #Growth London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) London Stock Exchange

Galaxy Note 10 Exclusive Reveals Samsung’s Surprise Upgrade

Samsung is heavily redesigning the Galaxy Note 10 with some killer tech, but it appeared the company was about to blow the basics. Until now. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 concept based on leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 concept based on leaks


Following news Samsung is pulling 25W fast charging from the Galaxy Note 10 (seemingly because it’s rubbish), popular insider Ice Universe has updated his information to reveal Samsung will actually fit a charger more powerful than 25W. Moreover, I have also been able to verify this myself through a trusted source.

“You should be thinking bigger [not smaller]. That’s all I can say about it right now but expect to be pleasantly surprised and not disappointed when the charging specs are released publicly,” revealed my source.

Similarly, Ice Universe added the image of Superman’s S logo in his update leading many to believe this teases 50-watt charging. While seemingly outlandish (the Galaxy S10 has a 15W charger), this is actually very real with Oppo’s SuperVOOC charger hitting approximately 50W and charging its Find X Lamborghini from 0-100% in just 35 minutes.

Galaxy Note 10 concept render based on leaks

Galaxy Note 10 concept render based on leaks

With this in mind, when Ice Universe notes Samsung’s “battery capacity and charging speed will no longer be Samsung’s weaknesses” and could even be an advantage, 50W is the bar set by the competition.

Furthermore, if Samsung nails this then it could prove to be the cherry on the top. We already know the Galaxy Note 10 will outgun the S10, feature a better camera and Verizon has let the cat out of the bag that the Note will have 5G at launch. So throw ballistic fast charging into the mix and Samsung is going to have a big hit on its hands.


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Source: Galaxy Note 10 Exclusive Reveals Samsung’s Surprise Upgrade

Samsung Leak Reveals New Foldable Phone, Next-Generation Flagship Smartphone And Tablet

In a teaser video uncovered Friday by Slashleaks, a website specialized in aggregating tech leaks, Samsung’s Vietnamese subsidiary accidentally leaked upcoming mobile devices that the South Korean company plans to unveil later this month including a foldable phone and the next-generation of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Tab tablet computer……………

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