4 Job Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands In Salary

Common interview mistakes can cost people thousands of dollars in salary…getty With many companies laying off workers in 2023, competition is increasing for high-paying roles. Put more money in your pocket by avoiding these common interview process mistakes I’ve seen as a former recruiter. Leaving Your Salary Alignment Unconfirmed In previous generations, it was considered […]

Microcoaching: The Next Generation Of Personal Development

Microcoaching: the next generation of personal development…getty As the modern workplace evolves, its associated practices must too. An office used to mean a fixed location, now it’s anywhere with an internet connection or something to write with. A multi-million dollar business used to require heaps of staff and complicated infrastructure, now it could be a […]

4 Signs of Burnout In Your Teen and How To Help Them Through It

MyTutor for Parents They’ve been hearing about exams for ages. So it’s no surprise that lots of teens are feeling overwhelmed by the time exam season rolls in. To help you spot burnout in your teen, we’ll go over 4 signs to look out for– plus 4 ways you can support them through it, so […]

3 Ways to Reprioritize Your Work Life for a Hybrid World

Credit: Michael Bowles/Getty Images The world has reopened with a vengeance. Instead of toggling between Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, we now run among aforementioned platforms and galas, commutes, parent-teacher meetings, conferences, and the block party. If you can’t make something, don’t worry—of course there’s a virtual option. Earbuds must be plentiful in the return […]

How Postradamus App Helps Social Media Marketing Taken To The Next Level

With Postradamus you can quickly find proven viral content (others have already created and tested) in your niche in a matter of seconds / or create your own content that is easily uploaded to Postradamus via CSV, RSS or chrome extension. Then, with just a couple of clicks, tell Postradamus when you want all of […]