Anytime you create a new customer/product profile it saves to the ScriptDoll system. This information is portable and can be used with any of the templates. This means you can use ScriptDoll to write a Sales Letter and then instantly port that information over to write an email campaign to go with it.With ScriptDoll you can write entire e-mail marketing campaigns in just minutes. We will assist you to write short campaigns (5-10 emails) and, down the road, even big ones (30-60 email sequences) that can be used money of your services or products.

All at the touch of a button. This means you can write an infinite amount of sales messages with limited work.Writing Amazing Sales Copy, Emails, VSL Scripts is not an easy task. But What if you could fill out a few fields and then write all of them at the touch of a button? ScriptDoll makes that possible.ScriptDoll Takes the Hard Work out of Writing Persuasive Sales Copy

Writing Sales Messages for your Business will never be the same. You’ll save time and money and your conversion will skyrocket when you use our built in templates. The ScriptDoll Team monitors what is going on in the marketing world and we actually add new customer/product profiles as new products and markets emerge. By doing this we save you even more time. You can “clone” those profiles and edit them to fit your product in the niche.




The ScriptDoll Engines saves even the most experienced sales script writers several hours to days of time and keeps you from having to spotlight task like formatting, pacing, or sales message structure. You’re able to concentrate on what matters the most (understanding your client and product) with no continuously sucking task to select it.

This is one way it functions:

Step #1: Select a Type of Campaign

A) Video Script
B) Long Form Sales Copy
C) Short Form Sales Copy
D) E-mail marketing Campaign

Step #2: Select the Template

We have built-in some amazing “as is also” templates with more coming from Celebrity Marketers and Copywriters.

Step #3: Personalize the Target Demographic and “From” Info.

Step #4: Personalize the Product Description Info.

Step #5: Tweak the Copy to Personalize it Even more using the Editor.

Step #6: Export your Copy
Use your ScriptDoll Generated Copy in very good programs like Leadpages, WP Profit Builder, Clickfunnels, Megaphone, or with your own individual design team or progams.




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